Al-Qaeda terrorist Zakir Musa gunned down; non-Kashmiri students beaten up during NIT Srinagar protests

Kashmir’s most wanted terrorist Zakir Musa, who headed the Al Qaeda affiliate Ansar-Gazwatul-Hind, was killed late on Thursday by security forces in Tral area of Pulwama district.

Protests soon broke out in different parts of the Kashmir valley, and even in the prestigious NIT (National Institute of Technology), Srinagar. There are reports that 6 non-Kashmiri NIT students were also beaten up by the anti-Bharat mob.

In 2016, non-Kashmiri students at NIT Srinagar were thrashed by local students and J&K police for hoisting the tricolor, in protest against Bharat’s defeat in a cricket match being celebrated by some Kashmiri students.

‘Ansar-Gazwatul-Hind’ means Helpers (Ansar) of Ghazwatul-Hind – a Hadith, considered shahi or authentic by many, that says Islamic prophet Mohammed prophesized a Muslim invasion and conquest of Bharat during the end times when Dajjal – the Islamic anti-Christ – appears.

For some reason, the J&K administration hands over body of slain terrorists to their family for final rites, and the same was done in Musa’s case. The resultant funeral processions become a rallying point for anti-Bharat forces and aid in recruiting more impressionable youth to the terror factories.

Zakir Musa’s real name was Zakir Rashid Bhat. He belonged to a well to do family, which again busts the myth that Islamic terrorism is driven by poverty and lack of opportunities. Musa’s father was a senior state government engineer, his brother an orthopaedic surgeon and sister a bank officer. Musa himself was studying engineering in Chandigarh when he dropped out of college and joined the Pakistan-backed terror group Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) in 2013.

Just like our English-language media (ELM) did with the death of Burhan Wani (who was romanticized as ‘poor headmaster’s son’ by Barkha Dutt), Musa is also being romanticized as a ‘studious young man’ led astray whose life resembles a Bollywood blockbuster –

But when it comes to reporting about Hindus falsely accused of terror like Swami Aseemanand or Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, ELM never tells it audience that they were ascetics who had dedicated their lives to serve society and were the son of a noted freedom fighter, and daughter of a humble Ayurveda doctor respectively.

After Burhan Wani’s death in 2016, Musa succeeded him as the commander of Hizbul Mujahideen. But after Musa threatened to behead Kashmiri separatist leaders of the Hurriyat Conference for calling Kashmir a political dispute instead of a religious struggle to establish an Islamic state, he fell out with HM and became the head of the newly created Al-Qaeda cell in J&K called Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind.

Musa had slammed Pakistan for betraying the Kashmir ‘jihad’ and vowed to ‘liberate’ Bharat from ‘cow-worshippers’ (Hindus). He also called on Indian Muslims to attack Indian Army patrols and checkpoints as well as companies interested in investing in Bharat.

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