Another girl falls victim to Love Jihad fraud, suffers horrific mental and physical abuse

In a typical case of Love Jihad, a Muslim man faked his identity and religion to get close to a Hindu girl in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Just before marriage the girl had doubts when she found out her to-be-husband is Muslim, but decided to convert to Islam and get married. Tragically, this romance didn’t have the fairytale Bollywood-style ending, it turned sour soon after with the girl undergoing horrific physical & mental abuse, reports Hindi daily Patrika.

Amir Qureshi faked his identity to get close to the girl studying in RBS college. Soon they ‘fell in love’ and decided to get married. When the girl discovered his true identity, she was shocked and had doubts about the marriage. But Qureshi emotionally pressurized her and she gave in for the sake of ‘love’ and accepted Islam to marry her ‘dream man’.

Initial days went fine, but suddenly her dream world collapsed when Qureshi started harassing her. He started beating her and assaulted her physically. As per the victim, Qureshi wanted to marry another Muslim girl for dowry. He sexually exploited her every day for 11 months, and then started pressurizing her to get married in her own (Hindu) community. To make her leave the house, he even asked his brother to molest her.

The girl’s advocate Salim Khan told that victim changed her religion to get married to Amir Qureshi, but underwent mental and physical abuse. On complaining, she even received death threats. He demanded police to take strict action against the culprit.

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