Hindu girl escapes trap laid by Paki in Dubai

Time and again several cases of love jihad have come to light and HinduPost has brought them to fore. The most recent one was that of a Sikh girl who had visited Kartarpur Sahib and fallen into the trap of a Pakistani. Now Amar Ujala has reported the case of a Pakistani called Nadeem, working in a Dubai hotel as an electrician, who lured a Hindu girl from Western UP using Love Jihad tactics and the promise of getting her a job.

The report states that Nadeem trapped the daughter of a trader from Kankarkheda, Meerut by chatting over social media and giving false promise of a high-paying (2 lakhs per month) job in Dubai. The victim realised that she was being taken for a ride as soon as she reached Dubai. Having trusted a stranger, all her dreams of a bright future were shattered in an instant and being stranded in a foreign country she was reminded of her own family back in Bharat.

Pakistani Nadeem Iqbal trapped a Bharatiya Hindu girl over Facebook
Image Source: Amar Ujala.

The victim then approached the Bharatiya Embassy in Dubai, on the advice of her elder sister, who ensured the safe return of the girl to Bharat. On arriving in Delhi, the girl was relieved at being reunited with her family and asked her father to forgive her.

She further stated that when she reached Dubai she realised that there was no job and she didn’t find any work at the address provided by Nadeem either. Although she was reminded of her family, she couldn’t muster the courage to talk to them. She then worked at a place in Dubai for a short while but knowledge of Arabic and English was required. On the other hand, as soon as her family members learnt about her trip to Dubai, they took to Twitter to bring the issue out in the open. UP Police had also traced the girl to Dubai by then, and identified Nadeem. Sensing law enforcement closing in, a scared and cornered Nadeem Iqbal escaped to Pakistan.

The girl, who was teaching in a play-school, got her passport made after falling for Nadeem’s allurements and disappeared on 8 November with Rs 7000 and her educational certificates. She said that Nadeem did not disclose the fact that he was a Pakistani. The girl wanted to tell her parents that she was being called to Dubai, but Nadeem dissuaded her from doing so saying that her parents would not allow her to come to Dubai and her dreams will remain unfulfilled.

Once in Dubai, the troubled and desperate girl dialled up her elder sister in Noida who encouraged her and assured that neither her parents nor anyone else will scold her. She also asked her to contact the Bharatiya Embassy in Dubai immediately. On reaching the Embassy, the girl found out that her case details were already known to them and she was brought to Delhi in a flight at night. Kankarkheda police let her off after questioning her for about 55 minutes.

This issue was raised in Parliament by Meerut MP Rajendra Agarwal of the BJP.

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