Cow Smugglers assault police again in Ghazipur, UP

Cow smugglers clashed with police and beat up one constable in village Chaubey ka Pura, Ghazipur district, UP, reports Amar Ujala

The group of around 8 smugglers were drinking liquor on Monday night when they got into an argument with a villager, Raju Singh, and threatened to shoot him. Singh called police, seeing which the smugglers started fleeing.

In the melee, constable Jitendra Kumar was assaulted and his uniform torn. Police managed to arrest two cattle smugglers – Seraj Nat and Bhodal Nat – while the others escaped.

Just last month, a mob had attacked police & freed an arrested cow smuggler, who also happened to be a village headman, in the same Ghazipur district. Villagers claimed to be angry that police was making the arrest during month of Ramzan.

(Featured Image: Representation only)

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