Fake hair, fake identity – how a man with 4 wives groomed and raped a minor Hindu girl

Another disturbing case of grooming a minor Hindu girl has emerged from Meerut, UP. Abdullah, a 4-times married Muslim man with 4 children, pretended to be Aman Chaudhari to lure a minor Hindu girl and then raped her.

This incident was disclosed by Sachin Gupta, crime correspondent from Western UP for Live Hindustan- 

What is more, it turned out that Abdullah had not just faked his identity, but his appearance as well. He used to wear a wig to look younger.

Such cases of grooming vulnerable Hindu girls for sex and/or conversion are rampant in many parts of the country, especially in UP. Recently, a spate of such cases in Kanpur forced the administration to form an SIT. Within Meerut, the double murder of single mom Priya and her 11-year-old daughter Kashish by Shamshad aka Amit Gurjar had shocked Hindus. The mother-daughter duo were murdered and their bodies buried within their house along with salt bags.

However, despite a mountain of evidence, the Hinduphobic elites of this country, most carrying Hindu names, remain unmoved. They deny that grooming and entrapment (colloquially known as ‘Love Jihad’) is taking place, and that it is driven by the Islamist theological & social sanction to target non-Muslim females for sex and conversion. Due to secularisation of the polity, our lackadaisical police and judiciary are even more loathe to investigate such cases and go after the ideological brains who normalise such acts.

Meanwhile, it is the poor and powerless Hindu girls and their families who are paying the price for our collective meekness in confronting this evil.

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