Father lynched to death for filing police complaint over minor daughter’s abduction by Muslim youth- UP

54-year-old Gangaram was lynched to death on Wednesday night after he lodged a police complaint over his minor daughter’s abduction by a Muslim youth in the village, reports Amar Ujala.

The 15-year-old girl, resident of Peepli Umarpur village in UP’s Moradabad district, disappeared on the night of 18th June. Her father approached local police the next day and accused a Muslim youth of the village & his accomplices of luring his daughter away. But police didn’t register his complaint nor did they try to recover the girl.

It was only when the matter was escalated to police superiors that an FIR was registered on Wednesday against 4 accused for kidnapping the girl.

The accused were enraged to know about the police complaint lodged against them, and that same night, they attacked Gangaram at his home. Armed with lathis, they brutally thrashed Gangaram and his family members and inflicted serious injuries on him. Gangaram was rushed to hospital but declared dead on arrival. After post-mortem, villagers brought Gangaram’s body and jammed a busy road.

Villagers protesting death of Gangaram (54) : Image Credit – AmarUjala

Hindu Raksha Dal too reached the spot and protested. Authorities and the local MLA pacified the crowd and police has now arrested 4 accused – Safayat & his sons Danish and Chotu, and one other person Akram. Another youth Nadim has been arrested for abducting the girl, and she has now been recovered.

Such incidents are occurring on a daily basis, especially in the Hindi heartland. The situation for Hindus in these areas is now fast resembling what Pakistani Hindus face with regards to brazen abduction, rape, forced conversion and marriage of minor girls.

The only difference, for now, is that in Pakistan the entire state is complicit in the targeting of Hindu girls – local Sufi dargahs facilitate the illegal conversion and marriage, authorities/maulvis generate fake age certificates & nikahnamas, courts ignore birth certificates produced by parents and instead take at face value statements coerced from the poor girls that they chose to convert and marry of their own free will.

In Bharat, the girls’ and their families are often left to fend for themselves, with Hindu groups & activists generally lacking the resources to pursue legal action, Hindu politicians conditioned by decades of Nehruvian secularism to mute their protest, apathetic media & courts and a blissfully unaware Hindu elite & business class who think that all such reports of Love Jihad (a colloquial name for religiously-socially sanctioned sexual grooming & conversion agenda) are ‘fake news spread by hate-mongers’.

Hindu society needs to introspect NOW on what concrete steps they can take to protect their girl children – how to end this sexual preying on our girls should be an integral part of the ‘Beti Bachao’ movement.

Hindus need to break the cycle of running after police to file complaints, protesting/outraging for a few days and questioning media double standards. What proactive steps can we take to prevent our daughters from falling prey to these jihadi gangs? This is clearly happening with social sanction of large swathes of the Muslim community who believe that bringing a kafir into the fold of Islam is God’s work & are ever-willing to peddle the propaganda that the Hindu girl ‘chose’ her Muslim partner attracted in part by the superiority of Muslims & Islam.

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