Ganpati Procession Attacked in Vadodra Gujarat – Arson, Stone Pelting Leave Many Injured

A Ganpati procession was attacked with stones on Thursday night in the old city area of Vadodra, Gujarat. The situation soon snowballed into rioting which left 10 people injured, including two jawans of SRP (State Reserve Police).

Thousands of people had joined the Ganpati procession which started from Pratap Madtha ki Pol to install the Ganesh murti. As the devotees were passing through Panigate area, suddenly the lights went out and stone pelting started. Soon rioting broke out and the mob started targeting vehicles parked nearby – over 50 were set on fire. 12 shops were ransacked and 1 was set on fire.

Police had to lob 30 tear-gas shells to disperse the rampaging mobs. Large number of policemen were deployed in the area to bring the situation under control.

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  • Bharathi Suta

    I have roots in Baroda. Panigate is a very “communally sensitive area” (read: Muslim dominated area). I myself have seen small scale rioting there years ago. It is not at all surprising that a Ganpati procession would be attacked there: rather, it would be very surprising for any Baroda-people if it had NOT been attacked. So backward, and fanatic are the Muslims of that part of the city. It is open knowledge that Hindus should not go there unless absolutely necessary. It has been a “no-go” zone for Hindus for a long time. ALso, one can hear burst of crackers from far away when Pakistan beats Bharat in Cricket from Panigate area. None of this is news to people from Baroda.

    • Vikram

      such enclaves, colloquially called ‘Mini Pakistan’ exist in every city of Bharat – another thing that the chest-thumping, Nehru-worshipping secularist will maintain strategic silence over