Govt. Funded Jamia Hamdard University Offers Free IAS Coaching for Hindu Women, Not Hindu Men

Divide & rule has been a tactic used for long against Hindu society by all & sundry. And enemy # 1 for the secular-liberal-minority nexus in this country is the so-called “caste” Hindu….male, not female. A recent ad put out by Jamia Hamdard University in New Delhi shows how this timeless tactic is now being taken to another level altogether.

So, apart from minorities (non-Hindus), the other categories who are welcome to join this residential coaching academy are SC/ST (also-called Dalits) and women (not just Muslim or minority women…but ALL women, including Hindu women).

We spoke to Jamia Hamdard university and they confirmed that the program is open for Hindu women of all their words “women is a different class”. They also confirmed that Jamia Hamdard is funded by the Government. Again, in their words “Yes, we are a deemed university. Even IISC Bangalore is 100% funded by the Government, but we are not 100% funded, Govt. funds us partially”

So, a Government funded “minority” University is openly discriminating against the “majority” Hindu male. And what explains this generosity towards female Hindus? The following tweets explain what is going on here –

What is #Core2?

#Core2 is the 2nd item on a 6-point agenda “A Core Right agenda for a modern India” created by blogger RealityCheckIndia (RCI). Here is what RCI says –

Sectarian Purse: No 2 on Core Right is to preserve the secular nature of the public purse if you are to function as a coherent whole.  The issue oddly, is not that the state spends on minority only issues like Haj where only minorities have an interest but on public goods like scholarships, schools, public works (MSDP), loans, etc. Areas where everyone has aspirations and interest. This is not to take away minority scholarships but to absorb the part into the whole.  The idea is to have common public goods and ensure equitable distribution within the program. Not to run separate programs.

So if a Govt. funded institute like Jamia Hamdard wants to offer free scholarships (funded partially by Govt. grants) for IAS coaching, then a truly secular state would have ensured that the scholarship is offered equally to ALL Bharatiyas. How would our intelligentsia have reacted if a Benaras Hindu University were to offer scholarships only for Muslim women, not men?

Of course, asking “minority” institutions to follow common rules will raise the bogey of ‘interference’ in running of minority institutions – NGOs will quickly file PILs terming it violation of Article 29 & 30. And when we see that even aided minority schools are exempt from the draconian RTE which is shutting down Hindu schools, we realize the magnitude of the fight.

But inertia is not a solution. Because, crudely put, Jamia Hamdard’s scholarship criteria are comparable to the Islamist call when Kashmiri Pandits were being driven out on 19 Jan 1990 –

‘Asi gachchi Pakistan, Batao roas te Batanev san’
(We want Pakistan along with Hindu women but without their men).

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