Ground reporting: up to 1 Lakh Hindus may have fled Meerut?

Slowly, there is ground reporting from few more journalistic houses coming in from Meerut’s Prahladnagar area where a Hindu exodus has been ongoing for few years now. Two ground reports came in today:

Republic TV

Sudarshan News

In the report from Republic TV, multiple local people are interviewed. A sampling of the startling revelations include:

1. The area was very good, till Muslims started moving into the area.

2. Chain snatching is very common

3. Phone snatching is common. People are too afraid to even get their phones out in the outdoors.

4. Hindu Bahu Betiyan (daughters & daughters-in-law) are extremely insecure: if they leave home in the evenings or early mornings, their sexual harassment is almost guaranteed. Youth come on motorbikes and do these things.

5. Youth do “stunts” on motorbikes in evenings.

6. These youth sometimes come and fire weapons to increase the terror in the Hindu populace.

7. Hindu girls & women going to school, or to mandirs are always bothered.

8 Apattijanak (objectionable) things are thrown outside Hindu homes (one guesses it might be meat, or vulgar material)

9. If a Muslim converts a Hindu girl and marries her, he is treated as a hero in the Muslim community.

10. A person who filed a complaint to the district magistrate back in 2016 claims that 1 lakh Hindus have already fled the area (see at 8:33 in the Republic TV report). Up to 20 mohallas (localities) have ‘become empty’ around Prahladnagar, as per this person.

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