Hindu Youth Lynched to Death by 6 Muslims in Delhi Mall After Minor Scuffle

A 25-year-old man was stabbed to death by a group of six Muslims after his elbow accidentally brushed against one of them while they were dancing at a restobar  at West Gate Mall in West Delhi’s Rajouri Garden area on Sunday night. According to police, 25-year-old Sajjan Singh was stabbed more than six times by the accused. With the help of CCTV cameras inside the mall, the accused were arrested, police said on Monday.

Sajjan worked as a driver in the Vigyan Bhavan and is survived by his mother and a brother.

Vijay Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) said, “Six accused people identified as Saleem, main accused, Imran, Aleem, Abid, Samar  and a juvenile were arrested on Monday evening. They all are residents of Khyala area.”

On Sunday night, at around 8 pm, Sajjan Singh, a resident of Moti Bagh area along with his group of ten friends had gone for clubbing at the Toast Bar and Grill in West Gate Mall. While dancing, Sajjan’s elbow accidentally brushed against Imran.

This infuriated Imran so much that he pushed Sajjan on the dance floor. This led to a heated verbal altercation. Enraged Imran called in his brother Saleem. He along with Imran, Aleem and Abid called in their friends and they stabbed Sajjan in full public view.

A senior investigator said, “One of the friends of the victim told us that the time of the incident when verbal altercation spiraled out of control, Sajjan allegedly started begging Saleem and his friends to resolve the matter amicably. However, Saleem did not pay heed and kept on stabbing Sajjan till he lost consciousness.

After killing, Saleem and his friends fled from the spot.  Whether the accused were drunk or not is yet to ascertained, said the DCP. Meanwhile, body of the victim Sajjan has been sent for post-mortem and was handed over to his family.

Talking to The Pioneer, Babul, Sajjan’s brother said, “Three men killed my brother. All this happened right in front of Sajjan’s friends. It was only at 9.30 pm that one of Sajjan’s friends called in to inform that my brother has been stabbed.”

(Source: dailypioneer.com, timesofindia.com)

This incident is similar in some respects to the stabbing of Junaid Khan by main accused Naresh onboard a passenger train after an argument over seat sharing spiraled out of control. The key difference being that Naresh appears to have acted in self-defense, going by this report. In this case, the victim Sajjan tried to pacify his attackers, but to no avail.

Some will ask why this crime, shocking as it is, is being given a ‘communal angle’ by HinduPost because of our clear identification of victim as Hindu and attackers as Muslim. It is a valid question. We do not know if there was any communal motivation for this crime – for eg., we are not privy to what was said by the attackers, whether they threw any communal slurs while attacking Sajjan, whether Sajjan’s Hindu identity inflamed his attackers primed as they are to regard the ‘kafir’ and ‘idolator’ as accursed, even sub-human.

We do not know any of this yet, still we believe that this is bigger than ordinary crime news and deserves to reach the common man – that a Hindu youth was killed in a crowded mall in broad daylight by a group of Muslims. Given the way mainstream national media has created a climate that Muslims and Christians are cowering in fear as they are under attack from the majority Hindus of this country, it is important that such a poisonous & blatantly false narrative be countered by reporting the other side of the coin. Given that a high Constitutional authority like the Vice President has recently claimed that fear and unease are growing among Muslims in Bharat, setting the narrative right becomes even more important.

Lets see how many of the #NotInMyName campaigners add Sajjan’s name to their hate tracker list, or whether the CM of Kerala offers any financial assistance to Sajjan’s family like he did for Junaid. We are not holding our breath though….in all likelihood, Sajjan’s death will be quickly forgotten and Bharat will move on – the vicious secular politics in vogue since Independence has taught Hindus this harsh lesson again and again.

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