Love Jihad against Multiple Hindu Girls: ‘John Saluja’ & ‘Raj Upadhyaya’ is actually Danish Ali

This news is from Indore, MP and Kanpur, UP. A Muslim named Danish Ali was using multiple different Hindu identities such as “John Saluja” and “Raj Upadhyaya” to trap innocent Hindu girls into Love Jihad. The two girls he trapped are from the two cities.

This case has all the aspects of a classic love Jihad case, which I list below:

1. Change of identity to Hindu in order to trap a Hindu girl

2. Attempt made to lure more than one Hindu girl into the love trap. In this case, one girl was trapped in Indore, the other in Kanpur.

3. Strong assistance by family members of the love Jihadi: In this case, the father and brother of Danish Ali, named Shahid Ali and Sharique Ali, threatened the women not to come forward and report the case to police, otherwise they would face terrible consequences.

4. The use of physical violence, including sexual violence, on the poor Hindu girl after she enters the marriage trap. In this case, Danish Ali would beat up the Hindu girl to try to get her to convert.

5. The use of cult-leader videos to try to brainwash the Hindu girls after marriage into converting to Islam. In this case, videos of Zakir Naik and Al-Baghdadi (leader of ISIS) were used by Danish Ali to try and intimidate/brainwash the helpless Hindu girls after marriage (after they found out his true identity).

6. The accused escapes or is absconding. In this case, though the father and brother have been arrested, Danish Ali has managed to escape.

And before the Rajdeep Sardesais, Saba Naqvis, Burkha Dutts, etc. of this world accuse HinduPost of “fake news”, let me share the Times of India article where this case is reported.

Note that this one case alone “proves” that Love Jihad is a reality. What is this case if not Love Jihad? And there are not tens but thousands of such cases that have been reported to the police over the years.

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Vinay Kumar
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