Married Muslim man dupes & brutalizes Hindu girl

In a horrifying case from Palwal, Haryana, a Hindu girl studying in Class XI was stalked, blackmailed into marriage and later gang-raped by an already married Muslim man pretending to be Hindu and his accomplices, reports Aaj Tak.

The victim has accused Arif, a father of 3, of having cheated her by pretending to be an unmarried Hindu man and forcibly marrying her after which he revealed his real identity. She has further stated that she was pressurised by Arif to convert to Islam but when she refused, he tried to burn her alive. When she attempted to escape, Arif gang-raped her along with his accomplices. The victim has now filed a police complaint demanding action against the accused Arif.

According to the victim, in 2018 the accused used to stalk her when she was in class XI. She even asked him to stop following her but he didn’t listen and continued to stalk. Later the two got to know each other.

As per the victim’s statement, Arif introduced himself as Veer and expressed interest in marrying her. When she turned down his proposal, he took her to a Maulvi in Mewat. There, the girl was offered water after which she fell unconscious and Arif shot obscene photos and a video using which he started blackmailing the victim.

Blackmail and forced marriage

Arif threatened to make the photos and video viral and also to kill her family if she refused to marry him. They got married at Delhi’s Saket Court after which he revealed his Muslim identity. Additionally, he also began pressurising the girl to convert to Islam. When she refused to bow to his demands he even tried to burn her alive.

She then attempted to escape but Arif caught up with her and gang-raped the hapless victim along with some of his accomplices. Faridabad police have registered an FIR (First Information Report) in this matter and referred the case to Palwal police.

Palwal police has begun investigations after registering a case of gang-rape, assault, and pressurising to convert against 7 persons and is looking out for the accused.

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