Muslim Gang Attacks Dairy Shop Owner Who Objected to Harassment of Girls – Firozabad, UP

A dairy shop owner, Anuj Shroti, was assaulted by a gang of Muslims after Anuj and some other shopkeepers objected to obscene remarks by 3 drunk Muslim youth on female passersby.

The incident occurred near Chandravar Pul Khoamandi where Anuj owns Krishna Dairy. The 3 youth were drinking and harassing women passing by. When Anuj and others objected to this behavior, the youth turned abusive. People got agitated and roughed up the youth who then ran away.

Fifteen minutes later, the 3 returned with their friends and the dozen-strong gang armed with rods unleashed a vicious attack on Anuj Shroti and his shop. There was chaos in the entire market and many shopkeepers hurriedly downed their shutters. Finally, when police and more people gathered, the attackers ran away.

SO Devender Shankar Pande said FIR will be filed after written complaint is received.


In another recent incident, there was communal tension in Rae Bareilly town, UP after a mobile shop owner Bhole Singh was assaulted by Javed Khan, Usman, Shibbu and Puttan Khan. Police has arrested the 4 attackers and shop owner Bhole Singh.

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