Muslim trolls abuse, threaten Suchitra Krishnamoorthi with rape for her Azaan remarks; Media blames Suchitra

Artist Suchitra Krishnamoorthi has been abused as a prostitute & threatened with sexual violence by Muslim trolls for her recent comments protesting against use of loudspeakers for Islamic call to prayer (azaan) before dawn. Earlier, singer Soni Nigam had also expressed similar reservations about the disturbance caused by the ear-shattering calls to Islamic prayer at 4.45 or 5 AM.

This is what Suchitra Krishnamoorthi tweeted on 23 July –

In the last two days, Suchitra has been at the receiving end of unbelievable vitriol with Muslims openly abusing her in the worst possible manner, questioning her morality for coming home early morning, and labeling her as a prostitute.

Suchitra shared a graphic containing some of the abuse she has received: (WARNING: Extremely vulgar language)

How many times have we seen the left-liberal media elites and Congress coterie intellectuals rant against Hindu religious processions, and festival celebrations like Holi (don’t waste water!), Diwali (no crackers! don’t disturb my pets), Ganpati visarjan (don’t pollute water bodies!), Kanwar Yatra (don’t cause traffic jams!) etc.

Now compare this to the genuine, reasonable protestation against use of loudspeakers at 5 AM. Even courts in Mumbai have issued a ruling banning use of loudspeakers for any reason (whether azaan, bhajan, wedding etc) between 10 PM –  6 AM!

But the same media which claims to stand up for liberalism, freedom of expression and progressive values has painted Suchitra Krishnamoorthy as the aggressor in this case –

Media paints Suchitra Krishnamoorthy as aggressor for protesting against illegal azaan calls, downplays serious abuse she received

So the vitriolic abuse received by a woman becomes ‘mocking’ for Hindustan Times. Her legally valid protest against illegal use of loudspeakers before 6 AM becomes a ‘rant’ for Indian Express. Both The Indian Express and Hindustan Times headlines piece have grossly distorted Suchitra’s stand by claiming that she called “Azaan ‘uncivilised'” whereas Suchitra’s grouse was with loud azaan (using loudspeaker) before 6 AM.

We hope Mumbai police takes cognizance of the serious threat to Suchitra Krishnamoorthy and apprehends all the social media users involved in this disgraceful character assassination and hounding of a woman. Media houses who have deliberately twisted words to inflame the situation should also be held culpable.

Will the Union Minister of Women and Child development take a stand on this matter?

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