RSS worker, his pregnant wife, minor son brutally murdered in Murshidabad, WB

In a horrific crime, a 35-year-old school teacher, Bandhu Prakash Pal, his wife Beauty Pal, and six-year-old son Angan Pal were murdered in West Bengal’s Murshidabad district. The act of murder can be accounted as one of the goriest crimes of recent times. The couple were hacked to death with a sharp weapon, which was lying by Beauty Pal’s dead body and later recovered by police. It is reported that the deceased wife of the murdered teacher was 8 months pregnant when killed. The 6-year-old child was strangulated to death with a towel

Though a teacher by profession, Pal was also an RSS volunteer and had recently been associated with a ‘weekly milan’, as shared by RSS West Bengal secretary Jishnu Basu. The family had moved to Jiaganj area two years ago and were living in a single storied house from where their mutilated bodies were recovered.

The gruesome death of the family of three was discovered by the neighbors when they were found to be absent from the local Durga Pooja Pandal on day of Vijaydashami. When the neighbors reached their residence, it was locked from the inside. When they forced themselves in, they found the family members lying in a pool of blood. Videos of the blood-curdling incident have been making rounds of the internet, and pictures of the family and their blood-smeared corpses have also gone viral in the internet, and it takes some serious guts to lay eyes on them.  

BJP leader Sambit Patra also tweeted these photos and videos of the crime spot, expressing his utter shock and disbelief at the brutality which has now become regular in the state. 

The police remain clueless about the murder. There have been no arrests in the case as yet. Police claim to be looking at several angles to investigate the incident. One of the theories provided by the police is that ‘all three of the family were drugged before being knifed’.

Unsurprisingly, no communal angle in the murder has been suspected by the state police. While many on social media have speculated whether Pal’s RSS-association may have led to his family’s murder in the Muslim-majority district which shares a border with Bangladesh, Murshidabad BJP vice president Humayun Kabir added that though Pal was an RSS member, his political alignment has no connection with these murders.

Reacting to the incident, West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar said, “I am in deep pain. My heart is bleeding. What was in Murshidabad, a brutal murder took place, putting humanity to shame. A teacher, his pregnant wife and eight-year-old child were killed in a barbaric manner and there has been no response from the state machinery so far. This is a very, very serious reflection of the situation we are living in. I would urge the authority for a quick and real investigation.”

Needless to say, this is not the first incident of an RSS member being brutally killed in West Bengal. Earlier in June this year, BJP worker Samatul Dolui’s dead body was recovered hanging from a tree in Sarpota village in Howrah’s Amta. Around the same time, in another act of grisly murder, RSS veteran Swadesh Manna’s body was found hanging from a tree in Atchata village. 

Social media users are lashing out at the Mamata Banerjee government for the spate of murders & general lawlessness in the state:

Social Observation

We have observed that the liberal gang, the celebrities of Bollywood and journalists of secular media houses have not spared a single word for this gruesome incident. We guess, in a secular state it is totally acceptable for a Hindu man and his entire family to be wiped out without the legislative machinery being questioned. 

Farhan Akhtar seems to be too occupied thanking movie reviewers who have showered his new release ‘The Sky is Pink’ with kind praises, else the secular actor-director and his ‘intellectual’ father, Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar, would have certainly tweeted condemning the incident. 

Sarcasm apart, it is worth nothing that we are living in a secular country where a thief is caught red-handed, beaten-up, and handed over to the police, and dies after few days in police custody due to cardiac arrest, but the entire country is sent into a state of mourning. However, in the same country, a school teacher, his pregnant wife, and 6-year-old child are barbarically murdered in broad-day light, and no one raises an eyebrow?  

The condition of law and order in the state of West Bengal is in shreds, but the intelligentsia that writes letters to the PM over the death of a thief in a BJP-ruled state, finds nothing unnatural in the unnatural deaths of three civilized citizens in a non-BJP state. 

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