“Secularism Means Right To Hit Lord Rama With Slippers”: Christodas Gandhi, IAS (Retd.)

Christodas Gandhi, a retired IAS officer from Tamil Nadu, said on a live TV debate that “Secularism means having the right to hit Lord Rama with slippers”.

He was taking part in a Thanti TV debate ‘Whether PM Modi saying ‘Jai Sri Ram’ in a RamLila Dussehra event is communal politics?’ Below is a video of the TV debate shared by twitter user @Ethirajans-

In the video, Christodas is 2nd from left on the panel. The person on his right is Shri KT Raghavan, State Secretary – Tamil Nadu BJP, who can be seen vehemently protesting against Christodas’ derogatory language. The moderator of the debate also says ‘This is highly condemnable’.

Incidentally, in a Sept 2015 interview to Chennaionline.com, Christodas Gandhi had said –

“My father, Thiru. M. Ramdas (Retd. Superintendent of Police), Vallalar, Valluvar, and my wife Tmt. Qudsia Begum influenced my simplicity, while being majestic. For my father’s stature, he could have admitted his children in any big convent. But, three of us studied in Trichy Seva Sangam School, an institution run for orphans. We had fantastic teachers and teaching was under thatched roof in the company of a peer group that consisted of all sections of people. My wife, Qudsia, gave me all practical lessons of Islamic equity. Humility in high stature is what I imbibed from these personalities.” 

One wonders if he has really learnt humility given the kind of language he has used against a figure revered by millions. And even granting that freedom of speech / secularism accords him this right to freely abuse whosoever he wants, would the same Christodas be accepting if a Hindu were to use similar language against icons of Christianity and Islam? And if he really believes in ‘Islamic equity’, he should be voicing his concerns at the brutal persecution of Dalit Hindus in West Bengal, Pakistan, Bangladesh.

If secularists like Christodas have a problem with PM Modi (a Hindu) saying ‘Jai Sri Ram’ at a RamLila Dussehra event, what is their take on the British PM David Cameron declaring ‘Britain is a Christian country’ in a TV message to the entire nation, or US Presidents taking their oath of office on a Bible?

Tamil Nadu seems to have a special problem of IAS officers with barely masked Christian evangelical missionary agendas. Some time back, another serving IAS officer Uma Shankar had to be barred by TN Government from preaching Christianity in the state because ‘such activities were likely to cause communal disharmony and disturb public order.’ Uma Shankar claims to be a Hindu officially but a Christian by faith. This ‘officially Hindu, but personally Christian’ is a strategy adopted by many Christian converts to avail benefits of reservation in education and Government jobs constitutionally given to Hindu (and other Indic faiths) scheduled castes.

Christian Missionaries Cloaked as Dalit / Human Rights Activists

The likes of Christodas Gandhi, Uma Shankar, John Dayal (Secretary-General of the All India Christian Council), Joseph D’Souza (International President of the Dalit Freedom Network – DFN) and others claim to advocate the rights of oppressed communities in Bharat like scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, but ironically the solution they offer for social emancipation, i.e. conversion to Christianity, itself has a horrible human rights record. Slavery, inquisitions, physical & cultural genocide of entire peoples in North and South America, Africa – this is the havoc wrought by Christian missionaries across the world over the last millenia and more.

Even today, the Christian Church (both Catholic and Protestant) primarily represents Western interests, and the nexus of Church, Western NGOs (who pump funds through the FCRA route to their Bharat-based proxies), and Western Governments often works in tandem to stymie development works and organic change in less-developed countries. The Church hand in the Kudankulam anti-nuclear protests being a good example of this lobby at work in Tamil Nadu. There is even Church doctrine now which talks about the rights-based approach for global evangelization.

In Bharat, the Christian activist for Dalit rights main goal is to deepen the schisms in Hindu society to further conversions. They will deliberately ignore the slow but steady gains made by SC/STs since Independence, and paint a biased picture of the situation of Bharat’s minorities and SC/STs for a Western audience. While preaching that conversion to Christianity certifies social equality, they will brazenly lobby for reservations for ‘Dalit Christians’, thereby asking Bharat to fund its own cultural/civilizational demise!

Most of all, these missionary activists masquerading as social workers will bitterly oppose the Hindu nationalists like BJP/RSS who have a good governance track record of working for a resurgent, equitably prosperous Bharat, and instead promote the corrupt, nepotistic & slothful ‘secular’ forces represented by Sonia Gandhi’s Congress.

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