Teachers Thrash students in Kerala’s Farook College for Celebrating Holi – 4 Students Injured

A group of teachers at the Farook College in Kozhikode brutally thrashed some students who were celebrating Holi inside the campus, Kerala-based Kaumudi Online has reported.

The teachers attacked the students using rods and pipes. It is reported that the argument regarding the celebration of Holi inside the campus led to the attack.

One of the students Shabad whose eyes were critically injured has been admitted at the Kozhikode Medical College. Three other students have also sustained injuries.

Mathrubhumi says Holi celebrations were “banned” in Farooq College, and the second year degree students were trying to celebrate Holi after their exams.

Sources: KaumudiGlobal.com, Mathrubhumi.com

A video of the assault has appeared on social media – along with an allegation that the attacking teachers are part of a Marxist union.

Farook college, which as per the college website is guided by the motto – “Ora et labora- ‘Pray and Work’ is the essence of Islamic philosophy as unveiled in prophet’s teachings and the Holy Qur’an”  – was also in the news in 2015 for suspending girl & boy students who sat together on a bench in the classroom. At the time, the college principal announced that there was a propaganda against the college in the media. Subsequently, students under the banners of MSF (Muslim Students Forum), SIO (Students Islamic Organization) – the student wing of  Jamaat-e-Islami Hind – and the college union staged a demonstration shouting slogans against the media and supporting the authorities.

A govt. appointed academic committee had found that Farook college and others in Kerala even have screens between boys and girls in classrooms, and separate exits and entrances. There have been other reports of moral policing in the college.

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