We will rape your daughter and make viral video: Muslim neighbours threaten Hindu family whose house they want to convert into mosque

The instances of extreme harassment, intimidation, threats of mob violence (including rape) of fanatical Muslims towards Hindus are coming forth nearly daily in Bharat.  And they are coming from all corners of the country.  

Here is a harrowing tale of targeted harassment of a Hindu family by a Muslim neighbour in order to compel them to leave their home.  The Muslims want to convert it into a mosque, and remove the sight of Hindus from that area, the Hindu family alleges.  

The area is in the capital of Chhatisgarh, Raipur. The state is with a Congress government, and that seems to be part of the reason the Hindu family is not getting any help, despite having video and audio proof of the threats and the intimidation they face daily.  They have approach the police, the local nagar nigam, the local administration, but no one is coming forth to help.  

No news channels have reported this, with the exception of Sudarshan News. Their report on this can be seen in full here:

I have made a small table of the problems the Hindu family faces daily.  The most disturbing for me was the young college going girl and her brother both reporting multiple threats by the Muslims that they will “rape her and make a viral video of it.”  

Time in video — Type of Harassment
7:25 — Family takes turns to monitor all the cctvs whole day; son has given up job (9:45 onwards) in order to do this duty because he fears attack on family anyday
7:45 —  Muslim neighbors to Hindu family: “We won’t let you live here, we want to make this into a Masjid.”
10:00 —  Muslim threat: “We will rape your sister and make a viral video of it”, they have tried to cause accident on her when she leaves home
10:50 — Police refuse to help saying “till they rape you, what can we do?”
11:15 — Girl afraid to leave home, harassment on streetside
17:40 — Repeated threats to rape and make viral video made to young Hindu girl
17:40 — Threats to beat up Hindu mother

The report also mentions that animal bones are regularly thrown into their house to upset their Hindu sentiments: this is a routine harassment that Hindus living in Muslim majority areas face.  

We appeal to local Hindu organizations (Bajrang Dal, Sangh, VHP) to provide some relief to this beleaguered Hindu family. And rather than rely on these handful of organizations, Hindus everywhere should form their own local bodies for self-defence. This family needs local help: people to help guard their home, escort their daughter when she goes to college, people to man the cctv monitors, people to  put pressure on local government bodies, etc.    

We repeat: parts of Bharat have become mini-Pakistans as far as the experience of harassment of Hindus there goes.  And these parts are not small. They are spread all over Bharat, and are growing in size, and have even sprung up in our capital.  The day is not far when the wonderful home you built will come face to face with such a mini-Pakistan. The time to act is now, and stop their spread & aggressive mindsets.

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