When WHO’s Dr. Tedros threatened America with more body bags and called Taiwan ‘Racist’

“America should be prepared for more body bags if it continues to politicise the Coronavirus.”

These threatening words are not from any dictator or a Mexican warlord but from the Director General of WHO( World Health Organization) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus .

This organisation and its boss are responsible for the health of the billions around the world and owe an explanation to the whole world but are acting and behaving like rogues instead .

The country whom Dr. Tedros in his capacity as the DG of WHO was threatening has more than 42,000 fatalities and 8,00,000 infections from a virus which Dr. Tedros, as the head of WHO, failed to warn the world timely.

Because of his delayed warning the world is saddled with more than 170,000 deaths and nearly 25,00,000 Covid-19 patients. The least the WHO President could have done was to offer an apology to the world community for his fatal blunder of not calling the Wuhan virus – or as the American President has rightly called the “Chinese Virus ” – on time.

Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State has put things in perspective:

“We have watched here the WHO not live up to the standards that they set, and they have so far been unable to hold accountable a country where this virus originated- when I say accountable, we need data we need facts, we need information. Information data and facts exist inside of China today and those need to be shared around the world.”

But instead of offering an apology to the world for the whole botch up and answering questions, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has the audacity and the blatancy to threaten the biggest superpower of dire consequences (read body bags) if they keep on politicising the virus. These uninhibited and direct threats by Dr. Tedros have been scripted by the top communist bosses of China and have the whole hearted backing of Xi Jin Ping.

The Director General of WHO has played a perfect foil to China in hiding facts about Covid-19 regarding its human to human transmission and delaying calling it a pandemic until the Wuhan virus had traveled across continents. Faced with worldwide criticism and admonishing the flustered and rattled WHO DG has now not only accused America of politicising the virus but has also accused Taiwan of racism.

The Chinese reported the outbreak to the WHO Wuhan office on the 31st of December 2019 even though the first reported case was in mid November. The WHO took another one month to call it a international medical emergency (situation Report 10 of WHO) by which time the virus had traveled across the globe.

The Chinese accepted the human transmission of the Wuhan virus only on the 21st of January and when the virus was taking human lives the WHO Director General and the Chinese President were having a tete a tete in Beijing on the 29th of January 2020. On 30th January the WHO was still contemplating whether to declare it as an international health emergency (situation Report 10 of WHO) and it was only on 11th March, when 37000 lives had already been lost to the lethal Wuhan virus, that WHO called it a global pandemic.

Tedros has been hand in glove with the Chinese in hiding facts but is calling Taiwan racist. Taiwan is furious and has demanded an apology. The president of Taiwan has also condemned the WHO Director General for his partisan ways and his leaning towards China. Taiwan just has 385 cases with 5 deaths.

Professor Benjamin Cowling an epidemiologist with Hong Kong University was all praise for the way Taiwan has successfully kept the virus at bay from early ban on inward flights from China to quarantining travelers, social distancing and vigorous contact tracing. “They have also done focused testing on people suspected to have Coronavirus & also very good contact tracing & social distancing. I think they have done pretty well,” he said.

Taiwan has been left out of the UN and all world bodies including the WHO at the behest of China.

In an interview with a Hong Kong journalist vide skype, a senior WHO official’s anathema towards Taiwan was on full display.

When Yvenne Tong of RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong) asked Dr Bruce Aylward a Canadian physician, epidemiologist and now a senior advisor to the world health body that would he reconsider Taiwan’s membership to the WHO she is met with a long silence from the former assistant Director General of WHO who then says that he cannot hear her and asks her to move on to another question. Ms Tong presses him again saying she would like to talk about Taiwan. At this point Mr Aylward appears to hang up on her.

When Ms Tong calls him again she asks if he could comment on Taiwan’s response to the Coronavirus to which Mr. Aylward replies, “Well, we have already talked about China.” This epitomizes the WHO’s racist mindset where it has kept a country which has been very successful fighting the virus out of its ambit because hegemonic China considers Taiwan as its breakaway province. But on the contrary the WHO President calls Taiwan racist.

The 11th revision of the World Health Organization (WHO) International Statistical classification of diseases & related health problems (ICD) will include Traditional Chinese medicine for the first time. Body parts of 36 animals and birds are used in making these so called ‘Traditional Chinese Medicines’.

Chinese President Xi Jin Ping calls it a treasure of China and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director General of WHO endorses Xi Jin Ping’s viewpoint.

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