Curse of Having a Dynasty Regime

One shudders to think if Rahul Gandhi ever becomes the PM – Bharat will be cited in the hall of shame. I just cannot imagine a man who is going to be fifty, behaving worse than a spoiled brat, becoming the PM. It all goes to expose his lack of good upbringing.

I am saying this in the context of Rahul Gandhi’s personal jibes- his inability to comprehend facts and his habitual lying. What does one see in this man? Like a broken gramophone record he goes on repeating ‘Rafale deal’, he is obsessed with this one word ‘Rafale’ and refuses to understand that all the points he raised have been very well cleared by the Defense minister and Arun Jaitley.

Now let’s come to his accusations that Modi with his 56 inches chest was not able to face him in Parliament. Why is he bothered with the measurements of the PM’s chest? He does not realize that everytime he makes personal attacks, he reveals his sick mind and his gutter mouth. Shame on him.

What is wrong in the Defense Minister answering his queries? Why should it be only Modi? If Modi has to answer every random accusation, then what are the ministers who hold the respective portfolios doing? Are they to be mere silent spectators in the tamasha? It is sheer arrogance that Rahul Gandhi wanted the PM alone to answer. He must realize that he is not worth answering and certainly not by the PM.

Simply because Congress has won in the recent three state elections, Rahul Gandhi thinks no end of himself. Everyone knows that he is a pappu who cannot comprehend facts and that he is a habitual liar. So Modi did the right thing in letting the Defence Minister answer his queries.

But then Rahul Gandhi cannot even understand the basics of the deal but has only the “3000 crores taken by the PM and put in the pocket of Anil Ambani” as his permanent obsession. Can he prove this? He did say that he has proof but withdrew because he could not authenticate it. He flees from Parliament and meets the media. This man cannot face the Defense Minister, and instead makes sexist comments.

Inspite of the uproar that his sexist comment triggered, he continued in the same vein by requesting the PM ‘to be a man’. Rahul Gandhi is a psychological case and needs to be treated. From the time he appeared in the public view, he has only covered himself with shame. He is a fit case to be exhibited in the hall of shame. He forgets that during the UPA 1 and UPA 2, the lame duck PM was kept hidden by his mother, nay controlled by her and made into a puppet.

Rahul Gandhi thinks that he can utter nonsense and rubbish and get away with it. He is arrogant and has a bloated ego. This makes his personality complex and presents a great dangerous proposition to have him as a leader of a political party and worse still, an aspirant to the PM’s chair.

He, who four years ago stated that power is poison, today is so eager through hook or crook to drink that poison. He is a contradiction. He who sermonized that he loves even his enemies, makes a fool of himself when he throws childish jibes and attacks Modi. He forgets that he is bound to respect the constitutional post of Modi. And now it is the Defense Minister that he has targeted for the simple reason that he was floored and made to look a fool. His lies were exposed. Hence he resorts to hitting below the belt.

What I cannot understand is how can a man, so crass and ignorant, abusive and sick in mind and soul, think of becoming the PM? One should blame his mother-the Italian Edwige Antonia Albani Maino. She is only a paper Indian – from the time she stepped into Bharat it has been one long dark period of assassinations, un-probed deaths and of course crony capitalism. It was a period of looting. Today, the same looters are again clubbing together, forming alliances to safe guard their loot and to throw Modi out so that they can once again restart their game of looting.

UPA 1 and 2 was a period when sycophants thrived and courtiers flourished. The economic scene was disastrous – unemployment was at an all time high and poverty was fed only with slogans of ‘garibi hatao’. The backlog of all this mis-governance, which Modi has worked hard to fix, is now being used against him before his efforts bear fruit. Crocodile tears are being shed now on farmers’ distress and unemployment.

The chronic terrorism and national security issues which the nation was exposed to during UPA era have now taken a backseat. During UPA era, the Congress netas and their cronies were looting. The poor Indian people were robbed while their hard-earned money was stashed in Swiss  and other banks by the netas. The fake Gandhis specialised as brokers and dealers in arms – thus the Bofors, Augusta Westland & other scams; it gave rise to a period of middlemen like Quottrochi and Christian Michel.

It is strange that Rahul Gandhi is targeting Modi on Rafale deal while his family and his party flourished as brokers in arms deal. Maybe it is this streak that his guilty conscience cannot over look and he is projecting on Modi. The Congress under the Nehru-Gandhis not only looted the nation but made the nation impotent with this dynasty regime mentality.

I do not think Rahul Gandhi will ever grow. He is a grown man but has not grown up. His childish behavior will put any one to shame and disgust others. When will he learn to have some manners and to respect the views of others? When will he learn that he is obliged to respect the constitutional post of the PM, and that when he insults the PM he insults the people of the country? When will he learn that he should abide by minimum probity in public life? I just cannot imagine having a son or a member of my family stooping so low – It would be a disgrace to my family and I will not hesitate to show him/her the door.

May be Rahul Gandhi with his multiple passports and his broken personality needs to be cured emotionally, psychologically and be really treated to become a wholesome person. Till then he needs to be shown the door, and told in clear terms that he cannot head a party, least of all aspire for the PM’s chair. Are we subjected to all this because of the curse of having a dynasty regime and a dynasty-led Congress party for 71 years?

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About the Author

Dr. Hilda Raja
Dr. Hilda Raja was a PG level professor at Stella Maris College, Chennai. Post retirement, she worked with many NGOs and as a Development Consultant. She was nominated on the Advisory Committe of the CBCI (Catholic Bishops Conference of India ) for three years. Having studied throughout in Minority Institutions and reared in a Christian ethos, she is fully convinced that the Hindu soul is secular and Hindu Dharma is totally misunderstood by other religions. For her, Bharat and all that it holds is sacred.