Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb: is the onus only on Hindus?

By now most of us are familiar with the Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb aka composite culture liberals keep preaching only to Hindus. Social Media has created an awakening of sorts among the Hindus. Earlier people would be apologetic about being a Hindu, but these days, the younger generation in particular, has realised that there is no need to be apologetic about being a Hindu.

More often than not, Hindus were almost always defensive, but those days are long gone. Hindus now assert themselves and that too with pride. This is giving nightmares to the liberal class that used to treat Hindus with contempt because a new found pride and vigour means an energized class of Hindus who refuse to be subjugated by the ‘liberal agenda’ and also expose the bigotry of the so-called liberals.

Selective outrage by Liberals

For which set of events did you see outrage from our liberal friends?

Scenario 1

  • A church in Delhi vandalized
  • Mohammed Akhlaq attacked by a mob
  • Junaid Khan murder case
  • Elderly nun raped in Ranaghat

Scenario 2

  • Chandni Chowk temple vandalized
  • Lassi-vendor Bharat Yadav lynched by a mob
  • Dhruv Tyagi murder case
  • 2 elderly sadhus murdered by beef mafia in Auraiya

The list in Scenario 2 is endless, but it is more likely that not many of you would have even heard of Scenario 2 events. 

Media is a tool the liberals have mastered in manipulating and/or buying out to peddle their false propaganda. Therefore, the reporting pattern is simple: if the victim is a Hindu and the perpetrator a Muslim or even Christian, downplay the incident and present it as some ‘personal fight’.

Reverse the scenario: then it becomes a case of ‘minorities under threat’, even if most of the times it just happens to be some manufactured outrage like in the Junaid Khan case where a fight over a seat in the train was conveniently converted into a ‘murdered for beef eating under fascist Modi regime’ story; Delhi Church ‘attacks’ where it turned out that it was a group of kids playing in one instance, a short circuit fire in another; or the Ranaghat nun rape where the perpetrators turned out to be Bangladeshis, but where ‘Hindu fundamentalists’ were glibly blamed by global ‘liberal’ outlets like NPR

If we stack incident after incident and put them through the lie detector test, we would find that the liberals would be scurrying for cover because their propaganda would be exposed. That the biased international media picks up on material supplied by these bigoted liberals is not surprising; after all they’ve an anti-Bharat and anti-Hindu agenda to peddle.

If you do a simple Google search ‘Hindu victims of Muslim violence in India’; the search engine will help you by changing it to ‘Muslim victims of Hindu violence in India’ and throw up result after result about how ‘fascist Hindu regime is threatening the idea of India’.

Tamil Nadu: the deadly Periyar Abrahamic cocktail

While anti-Hindu violence in West Bengal stems from the Muslim appeasement policy of Mamata Banerjee led TMC government, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are victims of communism and Periyar-Abrahamism respectively.

The rise of anti-Hindu politics by Periyarists in Tamil Nadu has reached its peak, particularly after BJP’s ascent to power at the centre in 2014. Among the two Dravidian parties, DMK is blatantly and openly anti-Hindu and now in alliance with the Congress (a known minority appeaser) and CPI (the less said about their Hindu hatred the better), this party has taken the occasion of Vinayaka Chaturthi to show exactly how much it ‘loves’ Hindus.

In an appeal to the collector, the Sengottai units of DMK, Congress and SPI have asked that arrangements be made for taking out Vinayaka processions only through ‘Hindu majority areas’ and that only one public murti should be installed in the whole town.

What about Hindus in Muslim majority areas, Mr. Stalin? May be, they should just not celebrate their festivals for fear of hurting the ‘secular fabric’, isn’t it?

Stalin never tweets wishes to Hindus on their festivals, but is prompt to send out Eid and Christmas wishes. He is a typical Periyarist who only wants to ‘reform’ Hindu religion and its ‘discriminatory’ practices, while glossing over the fundamental intolerance and several wrong practices among Abrahamic religions.

If you are an atheist then you have no religion and are supposed to raise your voice against discriminatory & immoral practices, irrespective of the religion. But that is not politically convenient. So neither Mr. Stalin nor the so-called liberals would dare to lecture the minorities. All those sermons are reserved for Hindus.

Age of information

Over the last few years, there have been several occasions when Vinayaka Chaturthi processions have witnessed disruption or violence in Tamil Nadu, Durga Puja pandals have been vandalised in West Bengal or Hindus have been at the receiving end of violence perpetrated by Abrahamics in general and Muslims in particular. These are incidents which the liberals and media will completely overlook simply because it doesn’t fit their ‘Hindu fascism on the rise’ narrative. 

Thanks to social media, the Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb gang can no longer get away with their lies. Their agenda is being exposed and an awakening of Hindus is taking place. For a long time Hindus have been docile but have now started asserting their identity, a hard pill to swallow for the liberal gang.

(Featured Image: Telangana CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao offering food to Islamist hardliner MP Asaduddin Owaisi at a public Iftar function in Hyderabad. Article Source: Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb should be emulated, says KCR)

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