Islamists are attacking the handful of Muslims who dared to vote for Modi

That Muslim societies ruthlessly persecute non-Muslims, especially ‘idol-worshippers’ like Hindus, is well known. But even free-thinking Muslims who question community diktats & Islamic dogma are marked for brutal treatment by those indoctrinated by Muslim clergy to do anything to ‘defend’ Islam.

A spate of murderous attacks on BJP workers and supporters have been reported from across the nation since the election results were announced on 23rd May.

While it is expected from our fake liberals to suppress any news of Hindu persecution, they have also maintained a stoic silence over these cases of Muslims being targeted for voting Modi in defiance of the clergy/community diktat issued to Muslims before every election.

Here is a list of few such incidents collated by @VikasSaraswat:

1.) Mateen Patel (48), a BJP minority cell worker in Akola, Maharashtra, was beaten to death by Congress leader Hidayat Patel and few others from his community.

2.) Muslim woman Sahana Khatun, resident of Ranchi, Jharkhand, voted for Modi & BJP in defiance of her husband’s family. Incensed, her husband Kudus Ansari and another village youth Osama beat her up with lathis. They said, “You are not fit to live among Muslims”. Fearing for her life, Sahana took her children and went to her parents’ house, and has lodged a police complaint.

3.) A Muslim woman Rehsaar from Bulandshahr, UP was attacked by her relative Shahid who was upset that she had chosen BJP and not BSP.

4.) Two such incidents have come to light from Muslim-majority Mewat region of Haryana. An elderly farmer Fazru, resident of Gumat Bihari village, was brutally thrashed by Taufiq, Naseem, Rakib and others who wanted to teach him a lesson for not voting Congress and choosing BJP. Another man, Shahrukh from village Ghagas has lodged a complaint against dozens of people who tried to kill him for not voting Congress. Shahrukh’s brother is a leader in Faridabad BJP unit, so he had voted for BJP candidate Rao Indrajit Singh.

Badly injured Fazru, attacked by Muslim goons for voting BJP (Image Credit: Punjab Kesari)

5.) Muslim senior citizen Amir Alam, resident of Muzaffarnagar in UP, voted for Modi on 11 April. Upset over his choice, his son Mehboob has threatened to kill him.

This pattern is not new. After the UP Vidhan Sabha elections too, in which BJP scored a decisive victory, such cases of attacks on Muslims who dared to align with BJP were seen. A Muslim woman Nausaba was thrashed & doused with petrol by BSP leader Hanif in Meerut for choosing BJP and supporting the triple talaq abolishment bill. A Muslim BJP supporter and his family in Bijnor, UP were thrashed by Muslim SP supporters and neighbours. A Tripura village mosque boycotted some dozen families for joining BJP.

We have seen several other such cases of ordinary Muslims being silenced for questioning the radicals who hold sway over Muslim society, even in a ‘secular’ country like Bharat: Luqman Pasha (19) murdered for refusing to join the Deobandi Islamist group Tablighi Jamaat; young writer P Jimshar attacked by radicals in Kerala for alleged blasphemy; editor Shireen Dalvi forced to go underground for reproducing a Charlie Hebdo cartoon in her paper;  H Farook (31) from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, killed by Islamists because he was considered an apostate. Nida Khan, harassed and ex-communicated from her community via fatwas, for campaigning against medieval Islamic practises like triple talaq, Nikah Halala and polygamy.

The truth is that Muslims of Bharat are under the oppressive chokehold of the mullah-mosque-madrassa network and fundamentalist organizations like JeI, JuH, Deoband etc. And our left-liberals, secular intelligentsia and secular politicians are all busy in appeasing these regressive Islamist forces, all in the name of secularism, whereas the first duty of any true liberal would be to free ~200 million Indian Muslims from the grip of Islamism.

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