Liberal Hinduism: The New Political Deception of Anti-Hindu Forces

The old secular Nehruvian brigade has decided to suddenly reinvent itself, against all of its long-standing policies, as “liberal Hindus”. This new Congress image is certainly not being done to promote any Hindus causes, which are not mentioned at all. It is done only for a hoped for political advantage, to level the playing field of Hindu sympathies away from the BJP and RSS who have cornered most of the Hindu vote.

Congress political Hindu posturing is cynical and self-serving, rather than based upon any religious sentiment, but such has long been the way of Congress politics promoting religious, minority, caste and regional vote banks, while ignoring any overall Hindu identity. It reflects current electoral compulsions as a unified Hindu vote has removed Congress from power, which has been correctly deemed a “minority appeasement anti-Hindu Party”.

Rahul Gandhi as the Political Face of Liberal Hinduism

By the logic of the new liberal Hindus, Rahul Gandhi is a true liberal Hindu leader, while Narendra Modi is a Hindutva bigot, not a true Hindu. This is the old leftist practice of the big lie, denial and negationism.

PM Modi has long personally and publicly practiced Yoga and honored Hindu deities and temples, including in his diplomacy taking foreign dignitaries to Hindu temples, which Congress did not do during its long periods of national rule. His strict sadhana way of life is there for all to see, working tirelessly and relentlessly for the country. The world sees Bharat (India) today as largely a Hindu nation because of Modi, while Congress put Bharat’s Hindu culture into the background, if not into the shadows. Its previous UPA rule had no prominent Hindu face at all, and Rahul made no effort then to assume it.

Meanwhile Rahul has not demonstrated any such religious sentiments, much less put himself on the line publically as Modi has for anything Hindu or Dharmic. While Modi belongs to the backward castes, Rahul has gone so far to promote himself as a thread-wearing Brahmin, though he continues to play the anti-Brahmin card when convenient, as in recent protests in Maharashtra. Yet, such obvious hypocrisy is regarded as ‘liberal Hinduism’ for its votaries.

These old secularists, new pseudo-Hindus remain allied with leftist causes, which are their primary concern, seeking alliances with communists, who can hardly be called Hindu well wishers – who are murdering Hindu workers in Kerala. They still use the language of the old left, with their new Hinduism as but a new ploy to continue to denigrate RSS and BJP as fascist and intolerant, not to challenge the enemies of Hindu Dharma or the breaking India forces.

One of the most curious terms these so-called liberal Hindus employ is condemning Hindutva groups as practicing a negative and exclusive “Abrahamic Hinduism”. This is quite odd coming from groups who have bent over backwards to please Christian and Islamic vote banks for decades, and have never called them intolerant or exposed their aggression.

Liberal Hinduism as Nehruvian

They are trying to claim Jawaharlal Nehru was a liberal Hindu, though Nehru opposed almost everything Hindu and set in motion anti-Hindu vote banks to keep Congress in power, stop the Ram Mandir and create an idea of India that is not Hindu at all. It is true that Indira Gandhi did visit Hindu gurus but she gave over the writing of textbooks to the Marxists, who took the opportunity to deny Bharat’s Hindu past and alienate the youth from any appreciation of Hindu Dharma or Bharatiya traditions. Rajiv Gandhi continued what his mother did, kowtowing to the Marxists, though visiting temples on occasion.

Rahul and Priyanka have lived their lives in the shadow of Christian Sonia Gandhi and never disagreed with their mother on religious issues, or tried to appear different. Only now that Sonia has retired from power are they claiming that they were actually Hindus, though they never told anyone about it before. Yet, they will not criticize Christian conversion efforts or Christian distortions and denigrations of Hindu practices.

It time for all Hindus to call out the hypocrisy of the newly self-consecrated liberal Hindus of the Congress Party, who have never done anything to make Hindus proud of their religion, who have promoted the fear of Hindu terror or saffron terror for years, hoping to create outrage and get votes out of it. Hindu Dharma rests first upon truth, not upon dissimulation. This is the first thing they should recognize.

Shashi Tharoor: the New High Priest of Congress Liberal Hinduism

The new high priest, strategist and moral conscience for this new Nehruvian Hinduism, though it also sounds incredible, is Shashi Tharoor, who has been a dynasty sycophant for decades. He now tries to assure us that Rahul Gandhi is the true leader with insight and integrity that Bharat needs and is a true Hindu in his sentiments.

Tharoor has a long history of denigrating Hindu causes not only in Bharat but for the foreign media as well. He seems much happier at leftist literary festivals, where Hindu Dharma is bashed, than at his scripted temple visits. He has written an entire book on why he is a Hindu, which would be better titled why he hates any Hindu political opposition to the Congress Party above all else.

The Unstoppable Resurgence of Hindu Dharma

Certainly Hindu Dharma is rising again and cannot be stopped. Because of this Hindu resurgence, anti-Hindu forces are trying to also appear as Hindus. This charade will likely continue as an election plank in 2019, but let us see if they will actually come out in favor of Ram Mandir, or any other true Hindu cause. And let us see if they will criticize Marxists, missionaries, jihadis or Naxalites and ask them to respect Hindu Dharma and give up their anti-Hindu activities!

The Congress ecosystem is now desperate to return to power and feels that another five years of Modi will finish them off (and hopefully it will). They will be trying anything, including pretending that they are the true Hindus, as well as all kinds of charades and distortions for that end, even orchestrating agitation and riots where they can. Their liberal Hinduism is their liberalism in using and abusing Hindus for their personal and political gain.

For them dynasty is dharma, gaining political power is the highest goal, and any means to get that is justified – and there is nothing sacred in Hindu Dharma that they would not hijack if it could help them. Yet, should they come to power, they will first of all divide and suppress the Hindus as ruthlessly as they can. Let the possible consequences of that be clear to all those who truly support Hindu Dharma.

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Dr. David Frawley
Dr. David Frawley, D.Litt (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) is the Director of American Institute of Vedic Studies ( He is a renowned Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish Teacher. He is also a Padma Bhushan awardee and author of 'Shiva, the Lord of Yoga' and over thirty other books.