Modi, The Demolition Man

The pseudo-seculars are numbed. Lutyens’ Media cannot hide its exasperation at the results on TV channels, and inspite of makeup, their grimace is obvious.

Sitting in the studios, they had passed their own verdict against Modi & his pro-poor policies, oblivious of the ground reality & the pulse of this nation. The massive mandate for Modi delivered by the people of the country came as a bolt out of the blue.

The unprecedented mandate which encompassed the four corners of the country sent the Khan Market lobby & the ‘tukde tukde’ gang scurrying for cover.

Lutyen’s Media had a hard time swallowing the landslide victory but it became a lump in their throat and was there for everyone to see & hear. Inspite of their best efforts, Modi had succeeded & yet again won the hearts of the nation.

Such was the enormity of the victory that long entrenched caste bastions were uprooted, citadels of regional satraps were breached & the recently won States by the Congress, which gave the Congress a false sense of belief, were drenched in saffron colours.

Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat which until recently held some hope for the Congress because of its showing in the assembly elections, were again consumed by the Modi Tsunami just like in 2014.

This enormous victory also put an end to the hobnobbing & bum-chumming among the Opposition where regional players like CBN, Mamta & KCR were shown their place & position in national politics by the electorate.

The oldest national party was made to bite the dust for failing to free itself from the dynastic claws & is now looking like a small regional party with 50 odd MPs, which is not even 1/10th of the strength of the Lower house.

The defeat of the party president in his own backyard, which many saw coming including Rahul himself, puts the Congress current abysmal state in perspective.

The Congress has been left to clutch at straws in the North with just Punjab to show for itself & that too due to the Captain’s efforts.

The party’s rout in its one-time strongholds of the North & its dependence & leaning on allies in the South except for Kerala, are signs of a sinking ship if major changes are not made in the Congress hierarchy.

Bigger mandates bring bigger responsibilities & Modi was quick to acknowledge that in his address to the party workers and nation at large. The Prime Minister has rededicated himself to the service of the people & did not forget his NDA allies even though BJP won over 300 seats on its own.

Shiv Sena & the JDU emerged with flying colours in Maharashtra & Bihar, but the Akalis were done in by Captain Amarinder Singh & have a lot to ponder. It will be interesting to see if the Badals are accommodated in the cabinet after their poor showing in Punjab, but that is another story.

Modi’s magic & Shah’s strategy has shredded caste barriers in UP & the much touted Mahagathbandhan which had the media elite & the political pundits giving 35 to 40 seats to the SP-BSP combine, came a cropper.

The decimation of caste politics in UP & elsewhere demonstrated that the development story of Modi like Swachh Bharat, Ujjawal Yojana & Ayushmaan Bharat cut across caste, creed & religion barriers, benefitting the poor.

But one thing is for sure – Modi will not be resting on his laurels. A 100-day plan from all ministries has already been sought & the future course is being charted.

With Modi firmly in the saddle for another five years, everyone including his own ministers will be on tenterhooks because with Modi either you perform or perish.

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About the Author

Aman Gupta
Political Editor, Samast Bharat magazine