Now, Christian Missionary in TN leads mass prayer to defeat BJP, RSS & make Bharat a Christian Nation

In yet another example of how religious leaders from the ‘minority’ are upping the ante keeping in mind the forthcoming 2019 LS elections, a Christian missionary from Tamil Nadu appealed to his followers to pray to Jesus to eliminate BJP, RSS, Hindu Munnani (a Hindu organization in TN), in order to make India a ‘complete Christian nation’. The missionary further dared anyone to take action against him for this speech, saying ‘Nobody can pluck my hair’.

The video of this missionary was shared by twitter user @Ethirajans

And if you were wondering how someone can be so brazen as to make such appeals in a public forum – missionaries are active all over Bharat, but most of the time their approach is more discreet although the intent remains the same – it is because Tamil Nadu is home to a unique brand of politics, Dravidianism, which although it claims to be atheist, is fundamentally anti-Hindu.

As Aravindan Neelakandan writes in this Swarajya article –

“In Tamil Nadu elections, the Roman Catholic Church (RC) as well as the Protestant Church (Church of South India, CSI) have always been silent but powerful forces. During the elections, particularly in southern Tamil Nadu, they announce for whom their flock should vote. In Kanyakumari district, the Church always provides clear cut instructions as to whom to vote for and whom not to.

Recently, the clout of the Churches has been on the rise with rival Dravidian leaders competing with each other to placate them. The current Chief Minister was fed cake at a Christmas function by the Chennai Roman Catholic Archbishop. Apart from the regular Churches, charismatic evangelists also subtly hint at – and at times openly declare – whom the believers should support. Both Uma Shankar IAS, Mohan Lazarus (whose massive prayer meets have been attended by rationalist Dravidian leaders like Stalin) and Dhinakaran are known to pray for the victory of specific political parties or divine retribution against a specific party.

….The Church is also known to give tactical support to internal separatist conflicts in India – either to carve out a separate sovereign linguistic state where it can become a major player or to increase its control as well as bargaining power with the government.”

And while rabid missionaries are giving open calls for annihilation of the Hindu ‘majority’ of Bharat, their counterparts in Maharashtra are adopting a more subtle approach of inculturation or appropriation, i.e. gradual acquisition of the characteristics and norms of a culture or group by a person, another culture.

Another twitter user informs us that the same modus operandi is being used in Punjab as well –

Again, Hindus must ask themselves why a Government which has completely outperformed its predecessor- the scam-ridden, paralyzed UPA-2, which has brought much needed economic reform (insolvency code to fix NPA issue, GST, JAM for financial inclusion), which has provided the best internal security environment in decades, and which has gone out of its way to appear secular and neutral, is so hated by Christian and Islamic fanatics?

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