Swami Aseemanand – How One Becomes a Marked Man in ‘Secular’ India

A special NIA court hearing the cases of Swami Aseemanand and 3 co-charged acquitted all four of them saying that the prosecution had failed to prove their case, and that the evidence produced against them was flimsy.

This article is not about this particular court case, about the “evidence” sought to be gathered against Aseemanand, and how a non-existing bogey of “Hindu Terror” was sought to be presented to the people of Bharat. Instead, I will focus on why a person becomes marked for such an ordeal.

Why Aseemanand? Was he picked up at random? Was it because he was a “swami”?  Would any other saffron-robed swami have served the same purpose? Is there something deeper here?

Indeed there is. The Congress dispensation, in this case Sonia Gandhi herself, marked Swami Aseemanand for this false charge.  I will try to inform the readers as to why this was done, so that they can know just how nefarious, how sinister, how cunning are these forces in Bharat.

I will use as reference the 4 interviews given by the undertrial Swami Aseemanand, in police custody,  to the Caravan magazine (journalist Leena Regunath) between 2011 and 2014.  

Swami Aseemanand was a worker for the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, an RSS organization that works in tribal belts, and among other things, prevents the mass missionary conversion that often is prevalent in these tribal belts. It was in this role that he came to the attention of Sonia Gandhi, who then later seems to have ensured that he be picked up on other charges (“Hindu Terror”). It was a case of ‘kahin pe nigahein, kahin pe nishana’ – deceiving by looking somewhere, when the actual target is elsewhere.

I am now providing the excerpts from this interview transcripts, available in full at this link.

Swami Aseemanand (SA): I came to Dang in ’97. Whenever I travel, I always stay in the houses of adivasis. I eat their food, speak their language, sleep at their place. I would rarely go to a city.

Leena Regunath (LR): How long did it take for you to learn their language?

Swami Aseemanand (SA): I first stayed in one village for two months to learn their culture, habits and language. I also understood how and why they were becoming Christians.

They had no knowledge of Hindu Dharma. No Hindu priests were there. The Christian priests would go and give religious sermons, but I didn’t think that made any effect on them. But then when children fell ill they would say, pray to Jesus and your child will get better; so then people kept in touch with the priests, and then later ended up getting converted. So then I started organising the Hindus, whoever was left.

In ’98, I loaned a tractor and promised that in this village, I would get all converted in 10 days.

LR: 10 days before Christmas?

SA: Yes, that was 10 days from Christmas to January. I had already made all the contacts with them.

LR: In just one village?

SA: Nahi, poore Dang mein. (No, in the whole Dang.)

In 10 days, 40,000 Christians got converted to Hindu Dharma.

LR: Didn’t the church create problems for you?

SA: Haan. Uske baad thoda hulchul hua. (Yes. There was a little bit of commotion over this.) In the Lok Sabha, the Congress members made a huge hue and cry about it. But at that time Vajpayeeji was the prime minister, Advani was home minister. Even in Gujarat RSS-BJP was in power—not Narendra Modi, but Keshubhai Patel.

Itne Christians ek saath mein Hindu hue, Christian mein bhi hulchul hua (So many Christians became Hindus at once, it caused a commotion among Christians). Christian leaders from the Vatican, US religious leaders started coming to Dang to enquire into this. Sonia Gandhi came down and met Christians and they said that a person of the RSS is here and he is doing this.

(on why he was picked up)

Then after Pragya’s arrest in Malegaon, Sunil’s name started appearing in everything. Sunil used to visit my ashram. Sonia, Digvijay [Singh] already had their eyes on me.

Everyone in the investigation agencies knows I am innocent. But Sonia Gandhi was angry with me from the time of the Dang incident.

So, Sonia Gandhi and her henchmen like Digvijay Singh had identified Swami Aseemanand as a person to be “dealt with” for his work in Dangs in the late 90’s.  About a decade later, when they had their own government at the center, they framed him in totally different, highly serious charges, as part of their fictitious “Hindu Terror” bogey.  This is how it works, dear readers. This is ‘secular’ India for you. If you work for Hindu society, you may come into the radar of Sonia”ji”, and then a decade later, who knows, you may find yourself in a kaalkothri (prison cell) being accused of the next fictitious bogeyman.

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