University of Hyderabad research scholar, ex-Jadavpur University student, posts decapitated map of Bharat

A former Jadavpur University (JU) student Manaswini Sen, presently pursuing Ph. D from University of Hyderabad, posted a decapitated map of Bharat with the Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh severed out. 

Manaswini Sen took to Facebook, claiming Kashmir was never an integral part of Bharat and it won’t be ever. Adding vulgarities and slurs to her post, she abuses the integrity of the country and curses the government at the center. 

The post created a lot of buzz and attracted much criticism, many even suggesting she should be booked for treason. Manaswini has since deactivated her Facebook profile. 

A quick look at Manswini Sen’s Instagram profile, which has since been turned private, reveals that the history research scholar is an ardent supporter of “Kashmir Mangey Azadi”.

It is very disturbing to discover that an individual who identities as a ‘History Scholar’ believes that Kashmir was never part of sovereign Bharat. Manaswini mentions that she has received her school education from St. Augustine Day School in Barrackpore.

Convent schools in general are quite notorious for spreading their mission of conversion by influencing young minds. Given that their agenda collides with nationalistic ideologies, they often manipulate the information and education they impart to their students, and usually produce deracinated students who grow up with anti-Hindu feelings in their hearts.

We can only wonder what kind of history St. Augustine Day School of Barrackpore teaches its pupils that they grow up with the strong belief that Kashmir was never integrated into Bharat. We wonder if the history teachers purposely kept the entire episode of Raja Hari Singh of Jammu and Kashmir, and his signing of the Instrument of Accession in favor of Bharat, from their students. Given that these basic facts of history must be covered in school, we must shame institutions like St. Augustine Day School of Barrackpore for raising students that graduated to be such ignorant citizens. 

Again, that she received the next bit of her education from another anti-national hub, the counterpart of Jawaharlal Nehru University in the east, Jadavpur University, doesn’t help much either. As a matter of fact, it only aggravates the depth of her mis-information. 

Manaswini’s deactivating her Facebook profile didn’t preclude social media users from making complaints against the Hyderabad-based research scholar to Cyberabad police. 

However, despite acknowledging the receipt of the complaint, there is no news of the Cyberabad police having acted against the accused yet. 

It is worth noting that the wrong depiction of Bharat’s map is a punishable offence, and there is a proposed law to penalize such actions with imprisonment of up to 7 years and a fine of up to 100 crores. It is unsettling that the city police have not acted on the issue as yet. 

Our nation already has enough anti-nationals thriving on our tax money, while posing as students in educational institutions of metropolitan cities. JNU and JU have already earned themselves a fair share of notoriety for being the breeding ground of anti-Bharat elements who are known to for their affiliation with the ‘tukde-tukde’ ideology. 

Can we as a country afford to have another university that turns into a communist harbor? Will you be willing to sacrifice thousands and thousands of your tax money for “students” that take the idea of destroying your country further? 

There is still time for the University of Hyderabad to discipline its scholars. We also hope that the Cyberabad police station will act on the complaints made against Manaswini Sen, and set a warning for the likes of her. 

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