Was “Hindu Terror” Idea Hatched in Pakistan by ISI, Implemented in Bharat by Congress?

The last few weeks and months have seen Bharatiya courts dramatically reject the idea that there ever was any organized group of terrorists who were Hindus, and out to match Islamic terrorists “blast for blast.” Such an idea, which runs contrary to Hindu sanskriti, was nevertheless sought to be foisted upon the Bharatiya public by the entire leadership of the congress party.

During the 2010 time frame, major leaders of the party, including Rahul Gandhi and (of course) Digvijay Singh openly promoted the idea of the existence and danger of “Hindu Terror.” I have written previously about how Sonia”ji” might have been the person who actually fingered Swami Aseemanand and made sure he was picked up on this trumped up charge of being a “Hindu terrorist.”

However, in this article, I will explore something, perhaps even more sinister. Remember, all the charges against Aseemanand and 4 co-accused were quashed by the courts recently in 2019. However, back in 2016, Prof. Madhav Nalapat (once a UNESCO peace chair), wrote an intriguing article for the Sunday Guardian. There, he said that sources close to the ISI had indicated that it was the ISI that had formulated a 4-pronged plan whose goal was to make the world think of Bharat and Pakistan as “equals” as far as terror generation went.  

Today, it is generally agreed that nearly every major Islamic terror plot in the world has some node in Pakistan. As per Prof. Nalapat, the ISI and Pakistan army wanted to change this perception over time, and make Bharat and Pakistan equally responsible for terror. Hindu terror was the first canard to be spread under this plan. The entire article is available here.

Quoting from the article:

The $15 billion narcotics lobby in Bharat was used by GHQ Rawalpindi to promote the concept of “Hindu terror”, sources close to that establishment aver. They say that “manufactured evidence was planted about such groups that were accepted at face value by Bharatiya investigators at the time”. The effort to create the bogey of “Hindu terror” was to “provide a camouflage net for the activities of domestic terror groups owing allegiance to the ISI and also to make Muslims distrust Hindus”. Another objective was to make other countries “as suspicious of Bharatiyas as they were of Pakistanis”. 

Now, it is fairly clear to anyone who observes Bharatiya politics that there is a well organized and entrenched lobby in Bharat that says what Pakistan wants them to say. Major outlets such as Republic TV have carried this analysis fairly deep, even doing text analysis to prove that entire phrases used by these lobbies seem to be read out from a common brief (originating, presumably, from Islamabad).  

One wonders: was there some form of “cooperation” between the ISI and the congress party as far as promoting this bogey of Hindu terror goes? Or was it just coincidence that the very time the ISI had a master plan to promote this idea, the congress was also doing the same. Perhaps a coincidence, because the alternative is too disturbing to contemplate.

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Vinay Kumar
Devout Hindu and practising brahmin, very interested in history and current affairs of Bharat. Do not believe in birth-based "caste" but rather varna based on swadharma and swabhava, and personal commitment to that varna's dharmas. I don't judge people by the religion they profess: every human being should be treated with equal dignity. At the same time, I don't judge a religion by the people I know who profess it. A religion, like any doctrine, should be subjected to critical examination using facts and reason.