Cochin Devaswom Board Mulls Over Blocking Thrissur Pooram Ground With Concrete Constructions

The Cochin Devaswom Board is mulling over a move for construction worth crores of rupees in Thrissur Vadakkumnatha temple’s ground. The plan is to convert the famed Tekkinkadu maidan, the venue of Thrissur pooram into a large park. Recently, the Cochin Devaswom board had very secretly sought orders from the High court regarding the same with the approval of CPI(M) run temple committee. The city corporation authorities have also been kept in dark about the matter as the construction will negatively impact the famous Thrissur pooram and fireworks snatching the cultural identity of the city.

Earlier, the high court of Kerala had put up an order preventing undue construction works in the temple ground and any works should have prior approval from the high court. K. Narayanankutty approached the high court alleging that the temple committee and Devaswom Board were violating the High court order. During the process in court, the project worth 14 crore Rupees came into light. Court has handed over the details of the plan to the petitioner. The land on which the proposed building works shall happen is under the control of the Archeology department. Even the archaeology department has not been informed about the construction plans. However, the area on the maidan used for political meetings is left untouched in the proposal. With the construction, the ground will be filled with water pools and concrete walking spaces obstructing many rituals that are part of the renowned Thrissur Pooram festival.

Some recommendations from the plan are as follows:

  • An amphitheater behind Manikandanal Ganapathi temple
  • Spaces for elders to sit
  • A big concrete spaces
  • Star tree plaza with more than 20 benches
  • Elephant plaza
  • A big chess board like structure
  • Navarasa mandapa near Naduvilal Ganapathi temple
  • Concrete tiled walking space all around the temple
  • Plant bamboos and flowering plants nearby the walking space
  • A special place for exercise

Apart from these, there is a plan to build sculptures and seats in many places. The budget for this construction is 14 crore. People of Thrissur are against the move since it may obstruct the famous Thrissur Pooram festival and fireworks. They say these construction works are unnecessary while the city is already being unable to accommodate the enormous number of people flowing into the Vadakkumnathan Temple ground during Thrissur Pooram. These unwanted constructions are just extravaganza with dubious intentions. They allege this move can only be with the aim to destroy the Thrissur pooram and remove the Hindu Festival from the cultural map of Kerala.

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