Mumbai Police Calls for ‘Silent’ Ganpati, Gets Reminded About Illegal Mosque Loudspeakers

Mumbai police recently made an appeal for a ‘peaceful’ Ganpati celebration and raked up the issue of noise pollution during the 11-day long festival which is celebrated across Bharat, but most vibrantly in the state of Maharashtra.

While this appeal to curb noise pollution might seem like a laudable initiative, it reinforces a pattern of the Bharatiya state mostly casting a negative eye on major Hindu festivals, as events which first & foremost need to be regulated. And what is most galling is the meekness that the same police & state  exhibit when dealing with blatant violations of norms and regulations throughout the year by fundamentalists of the so-called minority community.

People on twitter were quick to point out these double standards to Mumbai Police-

If any pandal or Ganpati celebration committee in Mumbai were to violate laws such as playing music above a certain volume or beyond the permitted hours, the common Hindu of Mumbai will be the first to laud police action against the offenders. But why has our law & order machinery (including police, government, courts) got so conditioned to hiding behind the ‘sensitive area’ or ‘law & order situation’ card when asked to implement the law in Muslim dominated areas aka no-go zones?

Despite all the world-wide scaremongering regarding ‘Hindutva fascism’, the ground reality is that Hindus are just demanding parity in the only country which they can truly call home –

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