Principal of Mount Carmel School Preaches Christianity, Rubbishes Science & Hindu Dharma in Morning Assembly

Dr. Vijay Kumar Williams, the Director of Mount Carmel Schools, New Delhi regularly addresses students of the school during morning assembly. The videos uploaded by the school on YouTube show Dr. VK Williams routinely delivering Christian sermons to the students, encouraging them to convert, and he can be seen openly rubbishing well-established scientific theories and Hindu Dharma in at least two such videos.

Dr. V.K. Williams mocks Big Bang Theory, Pushes Creation Myth, Urges Children to Convert

The main points made by Dr. Williams in this 14 minute address on 21 Jan 2013 to students of Mount Carmel School, Anand Niketan are reproduced verbatim below :

  • Pseudo-scientists have been trying for centuries to find out how everything began. In the later 19th century, Charles Darwin proposed the theory ‘Origin of species’ which means that life began somehow. Then a psuedo-scientist from Russia talked about a ‘space soup’ suggesting that life originated from this ‘space soup’. This theory caught like wildfire among the psuedo-scientists who had been searching desperately to deny existence of God with some kind of proof.
  • Very recently, there was an attempt made to find out how Mass originated – so they constructed a 27 km long tunnel, 100 feet deep between the boundaries of Switzerland and France. The matter was broken into protons and positrons..almost at the speed of light, they calculated about 10 billion times the positrons collided with each other…for a fraction of a millisecond somebody saw a Boson particle, they said, which existed for only one millionth of a second. And so they said that the Boson article was the one which created mass – now, if it itself cannot exist more than a billionth of a second, I really don’t know how it could give mass to other particles. Nevertheless, man’s search goes on.
  • If I say, how did this microphone originate, and I discount the possibility of somebody designing this microphone, of somebody connecting the live wires…then I keep on thinking how did this microphone originate. Then I have theories that in Delhi there was an earthquake  which brought ferrous matter (iron) to the surface – then the sun melted that iron, and then wind passed through and brought water and that water cut the melted iron into this shape (of the microphone). Now, how did the wire and life come into the microphone – I have some other scientists to supplement my theory.
  • So ultimately the theory comes that this is how microphone came, because of a big bang or earthquake. Now, you may go on believing this kind of silly theory, but I believe that somebody designed this microphone – its pedestal, the wire that could convert sound waves into electric waves.
  • When I look around, I see everything is designed. I should accept as an intelligent human being that there is a designer behind me. And I call this designer God, the world calls him God.
  • Many people say they believe in the existence of God, but they say we can call him by any name – God, Goat, Bull etc. Their theories come forward – you call him by any name, he is God. I can’t understand this confused thinking. I believe this God who created me is Lord Jesus Christ, who claimed that he is Alpha and Omega – the beginning and the end.
  • Last week, I was amidst 500 people and there must have been 300 B.Tech, M.Tech, Phd – when I interacted with them, I found quite a few had resigned their well-paying jobs to become servants of Lord Jesus Christ, i.e. missionaries. I was so amazed to see that in North India, there is only one option – study, get into a good college, get a good job, get good money, and die. In that crowd I found another option – study hard, get a good job, resign you job and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Because they found something of eternity, of God’s call…they came to know their Creator. I was happy that so many successful people had resigned their jobs to become missionaries.
  • These people said, “We heard the voice of God calling us ..that millions of people are dying without the knowledge of Lord Jesus Christ, without the knowledge that their sins can be forgiven, that they can be saved from Hell and brought into Heaven…God told us to become missionaries.”
  • And so my 12th standard children would also have an aim in life, of career or job..but at the end of all this success in their career, it is death awaiting them. But for the 300 strong crowd of people I met, at the end of their life is life everlasting, is the joy of having completed the race of bringing the message of salvation to hundreds and thousands of people.
  • I wish children passing out of Mt. Carmel, they settle with thes questions – “What is their aim in life?” What does the future hold for them? Who is the person who holds this future? Do they know him? Was he historical? Whatever he uttered, has it changed the lives of people? Has it produced missionaries all over the world? What are the results of this person’s life and ministry?
  • Some of you even at young age have met the Lord Jesus – I am so happy about it. But some have denied his knocks at the doors of your heart, and said, “No, my religion is what I will follow.” The choice is yours – but I am so grateful that one day I made a choice to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and give my heart to him. From that day, I have a living hope that if I die right now, I will go to heaven – not because I am a good man, but because the Lord Jesus Christ forgave my sins, he paid the penalty of my sins on the cross. God bless you.

Dr. V.K. Williams rubbishes Hindu mantras, implores teachers and students to convert 

In this video, Dr. Williams can be heard saying –

“We have been seeing that prayer is talking with God. It is not mantras, recitation of some useless words, meaningless words. God is our Father who is expecting us to speak to him for our problems, the deepest pains…..the Bible wants us that we should acknowledge this father…but we have chosen another father, i.e. the Devil – we have chosen to ape him, in our behavior of speaking lies…we have become people who have decided that I will make own God through a religion, and that is what I will worship. So we have turned away from the reality of God my father, to Devil my father…Bible tells us that every human being can be a child of God. That we saw in John, chapter 1, verse 12…if salvation is so simple, if becoming a child of God is so simple, why don’t you do it? Why do you ignore it?..a person called Jesus was born of virgin birth, he lived 33 years..historically, he did those things….I want you to all, teachers and students, to try Jesus – to give him one chance. He wants to be your father. May God bless you.”

As per the Mount Carmel school website

“Mount Carmel School Society is a protestant, church-based society, registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, running Unaided Minority educational institutions in the Nation’s capital, New Delhi.

The first Mount Carmel School started in July 1972 with 12 students in a small residential house in Anand Niketan. Today the school has over 3000 students with a staff of 150 in 2 beautiful buildings.

The Dwarka Branch was started in April 1997, the Silver Jubilee year of the mother school, with 165 students. This too has over 3000 students and staff of 150.”

It is not rocket science to understand what impact such dangerous, delusional indoctrination must be having on impressionable minds. Should Bharat allow such bigotry-spewing, proselytizing individuals & institutions to run schools, to sow seeds of hate for their own culture & way of life in generations of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains etc? Shouldn’t MHRD act against such schools, and monitor the kind of divisive teachings being imparted. How is this convent any better than a madrassa where children are brainwashed about fundamentalist Islam and taught to despise kafirs (non-believers).

With a sectarian, deeply flawed law like RTE, introduced as a pet project of Sonia Gandhi by UPA-2 in 2010, slowly strangulating Hindu run schools, will the Hindus of Bharat soon be left with no other choice than to send their wards to convent schools like Mount Carmel, where the children are exposed to predatory conversion tactics and brainwashing of authority figures like Dr. VK Williams?

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