Religious Conversion is a Threat to National Security

There have been many incidents in recent days that have drawn attention towards the issue of religious conversion in the country using foreign money and anti-India propaganda by Christian missionary organizations and their interference in our internal affairs. On December 17, the Washington-based missionary organization, International Christian Concern, expressed their happiness over BJP’s defeat in the assembly elections, by tweeting.

In another tweet, based on the statements issued by some of the Christian pastors in Bharat, it was claimed that Christians are living in fear in Bharat and will not be able to celebrate the coming Christmas freely. On the other hand, in an ongoing investigation against 88 NGOs in the case of misuse of foreign funds in Jharkhand, the state CID initially found ten people guilty and recommended a CBI probe against them. These NGOs are linked to the Church. Allegations against them include making fake bank accounts, using foreign funds for purposes other than those declared, and giving false information to the government. Since they have international connections, therefore a CBI inquiry is recommended.

It must be remembered that on November 17th, an American, John Alan Chau, was killed by the tribal people living on the Sentinel island of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Chau’s letters showed that he came to convert the tribals living on this island to Christianity. Chau wanted to make these tribals a part of the ’empire of Jesus’. We must also remember that the Andaman Command of the Indian Navy is located in this region, which makes a foreign citizen trying to convert the tribals of this region, a serious matter. This is an example of the missionary fanaticism that Mahatma Gandhi has also mentioned in his memoirs.

Mahatma Gandhi had written about how Christian missionaries used to stand outside his school in Rajkot and speak abusively about Hindu deities. In fact, the so-called mission of most Christian missionaries stems from the idea of ​​completely believing that other religions are false. Because of this, they have taken it upon themselves to remove the alleged ignorance of people who believe and follow other religions. Despite all precautionary measures, Christian organizations in Bharat are still involved in conversion. Under the garb of social service, they are engaged in converting poor people, especially Dalits and tribals, into Christianity by brainwashing and bribing.

Christian organizations engaged in conversion are active in all tribal dominated areas of the country. The latest evidence of how effective they are is that if anyone had the strongest impact on the elections in Mizoram recently, then it was the Church. There was a glimpse of this impact when the Chief Minister of Mizoram took the oath of office amidst Christian prayers.

This long-running business of conversion is today not only worth billions of rupees, it is also an instrument of international geopolitics. It is used by Western intelligence agencies to penetrate other countries to gain influence and information. It is believed that with this intention, the Vatican gave a knighthood to William Donovan, considered to be the father of the American Intelligence fraternity in 1944.

Contrary to the general perception in Bharat, Governments and churches in the Western world are deeply interlinked behind the curtain. Since Catholics spread throughout the world were sending detailed information about their surroundings to the Vatican, the CIA realized the benefits of having closer ties with the Vatican. For this, Donovan started providing financial resources to the intelligence agency Pro Deo (Latin for ‘For God’), operated by Catholic missionaries. In return, missionaries associated with Pro Deo spied against the Japanese for the United States. They even marked certain locations as targets for the American Air Force.

After World War II, an ancient religious organization, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, was used. Although it initially resembled a Hindu Akhada, after World War II it took the form of a Christian elite non-governmental organization. Many Catholics sitting in the power system of America and Europe, such as intelligence officers, diplomats and industrialists, had become its members. You can gauge its its influence by the fact that this institution has a permanent observer status in the United Nations. It has the right to issue a passport like any nation. Can you imagine a Hindu or Sikh Akhada achieving such status in the United Nations? This is how Governments and the Church are deeply interlinked in Western countries. That is why during his visit to Bharat in 2015, Barack Obama used the pretext of fake church attacks to issue a statement supporting the noise against Bharat’s ‘rising intolerance’.

For a long time, Western intelligence agencies have also used missionaries against the Chinese Communist Government. Due to conversions, the number of Christians in China has become equal to the number of Communist Party members. In many cities, during the visit of Chinese ministers, the church leaders are often interned. In Eastern Myanmar, the US defense ministry uses missionary ex-soldiers to collect information from tribal militants fighting against the central government. These missionaries have converted most of the tribes of eastern Myanmar to Christianity.

The same situation is occurring in the states of North-East and Central Bharat. Missionaries receiving foreign donations have done so much conversion in these areas that entire tribes have become Christian and lost their cultural identity. This was assessed by the Justice Niyogi Commission constituted in 1956 by the Madhya Pradesh government led by Congress. The Commission had recommended prohibiting the activities of foreign-funded Christian missionaries, but this was never implemented due to vote bank politics. The Modi government has definitely tried to stop flow of foreign funds whose source is not clear, but the Jharkhand case shows how the missionary organizations are still flouting Bharatiya law.

Recently, the Chinese government forced the Vatican to sign an agreement that the Vatican would appoint pastors and bishop in China only with their consent. It is a matter of concern that while Christian missionaries are engaged in changing the social fabric and demographic make-up of Bharat through fraudulent means, most of our leaders are limited to singing the chorus of secularism on this serious issue related to national security.

(This article has been translated from an article originally written in Hindi by the author and published in Hindi daily Jagran)

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