Two Women from “Jehovah’s Witness” Held for Converting people in Karnataka

Two women were caught in Udupi district, Karnataka on Monday December 12 for allegedly trying to convert people to a Christian denomination.

According to this local media report

The women have been identified as Seneta of Perampalli and Soumya from Mission Compound, Udupi.

It is said that the women had been going door-to-door handing out religious pamphlets to people in the area for the past one week. The women were also collecting addresses, mobile numbers and other personal details from the people, it is alleged.

On receiving information, pro-Hindu outfits along with some locals confronted the women on Monday and handed them over to Manipal police.

The women reportedly belong to a committee propogating beliefs of ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’. The women were arrested and a case was registered in Manipal police station.”

A couple of months back, 6 missionaries from the same Jehovah’s Witness were arrested in Udupi district as per this news report.

“Members of local Bhramari Yuvaka Mandal and Hindu Jagran Vedike alerted the policemen about alleged attempt by a group of people to convert locals into another religion. The group was on a door-to-door visit in an effort to woo the families into giving their nod for such a conversion, it was said.

Kota police went to the village and took the six persons into custody. Locals, who have condemned the effort made by the group for religious conversion, accused a local, identified as Manjunath Mogaveera, of supporting the group in this illegal act. A car and pamphlets allegedly containing materials seeking religious conversion were confiscated from the group. The people belonged to a religious group called Jehovah’s  witness.”

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What is Jehovah’s Witness?

Jehovah’s Witness is a fundamentalist evangelical Christian denomination, which is based in New York, USA. Some of their core beliefs are –

  • They worship the ‘one true and Almighty God’, the Creator, whose name is Jehovah.
  • They do not believe in the trinity doctrine or venerate the cross or any other images
  • The ‘Kingdom of God’ is a real government in heaven, which will replace human governments and accomplish God’s purpose for the earth. It will take these actions soon, for Bible prophecy indicates that we are living in “the last days.”
  • Deliverance from sin and death is possible only through the ‘ransom sacrifice of Jesus’. Salvation cannot be earned—it comes through “the undeserved kindness of God.” (all Christians believe that your good or bad deed do not matter, all that matters is accepting Jesus as your saviour and getting baptized to absolve one of all sins)

Jehovah’s Witness proselytizes aggressively across Bharat – this writer is aware of their door to door preaching in Pimpri, Pune as well.

And these sects consider themselves ‘peaceful’, while denigrating and dismissing Hindu and other Dharmic beliefs, practises!

The Hindu Response

While many states of Bharat have outlawed religious conversions by fraud, inducement or force (this has been upheld in a 1977 Supreme Court judgement as well), the reality is that missionaries operate on the ground with brazen impunity. Even if locals protest and intervene like happened in this case in Udupi, police and authorities fail to take any meaningful action – in part because it is difficult to prove that conversions are being carried out through  ‘fraud, inducement or force’. And when a ‘secular’ party is in power like Congress in Andhra & at the centre from 2004-14, missionaries get a free hand to do as they please.

As the Christian propagandist and Hindu-baiter John Dayal puts it in this article on a Christian website –

 “..less than a dozen persons have ever been prosecuted, and even fewer convicted under these (anti-conversion) laws in all the states put together”

Clearly, the conversion racket is proceeding at full speed across Bharat. When Pentecostal (another rabidly evangelical Christian denomination) church leaders in Punjab claim that Christians constitute 7-10% of the state’s population, they are not joking.

Dispassionate analysis will show us that Christians have grown exponentially in the first decade of the 21st century – while Census 2011 shows the Christian population in Bharat static at ~ 2.5% from the last census in 2001, the reality is that Christians are anywhere around 6-8% today.

Hindus need to awaken to this potent threat and adopt a multi-pronged approach to defeat the soul harvesting industry –

  • The foreign money pouring in through FCRA to fund predatory proselytization under the mask of charity needs to be stopped asap. GOI’s recent move to deny FCRA license to Compassion International is a welcome move in this direction, US Govt. protests notwithstanding.
  • A national law to outlaw mass conversions and evangelical proselytization is needed urgently. At the most, preaching should be allowed only in designated spots like churches, along the lines of the recent Yarovaya law passed in Russia.
  • There should be a crackdown on missionaries who violate the law of the land – whether it is abusing tourist visas for doing missionary work, or violating hate speech laws under IPC 153(A) and 295(A). While absolute freedom of expression is a worthy goal, till the time such hate speech laws exist they must be applied equally on all religious groups. The very definition of missionary work involves abusing Hindu Gods and demeaning Hindu customs and practises – this has to end.
  • Hindus have to mobilize all resources at their disposal to counter the well-funded missionary-leftist-Islamist network working against them. We must support all Hindu organizations which are working with deprived Hindu communities like Ekal Vidyalaya, Sewa Bharti, Akshaya Patra etc, and new digital media outlets which are spreading awareness in Hindu masses and countering MSM propaganda. More such organizations need to be created. Wealthy Hindus – especially the new breed of tech-savvy millionaires – need to contribute to sustain Dharma
  • Free Hindu temples from Government control and use the temple monies to cater for the educational and health needs of poor Hindus.
  • Reject the caste based political parties and failed socialist/secularist ideologues who just want to deepen faultlines within Hindu society for their own petty ends.
  • Break free from the mental shackles imposed by our ‘secular’ academics, politicians, and intellectuals – most of those are Hinduphobes masquerading as atheists/neutrals. Hindu Dharma teaches us to give mutual respect to all Dharmic paths, but Dharma is not religion, and Sarva Dharma Samabhava does not mean all religious dogmas are acceptable, however narrow minded or mutually contradictory. As Dr. David Frawley reminds us –

“Christian conversion efforts are rooted in Christian theology as the great majority of Christians and all major Christian churches continue to follow it – that Jesus is the only Son of God and there is no other way to reach the Father except through him – that Christianity is the only true religion, and particularly idol worshipping Hindu polytheists have no redeeming spiritual value.”

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