2019 Elections


Modi’s War Against Bharat’s Enemies

The likelihood of a Sino-Pak military assault against Bharat remains quite high. Bharat’s economic progress and continuing acquisition of economic autonomy and resilience undermine Sino-Pak interests. The re-election of a…

2019 elections

Why you should vote for Modi in 2019, and not Congress

Social media is running abuzz with criticism against Prime Minister Modi for his non-Hindu pleasing actions. Such is the level of frustration of some otherwise loyal Bhartiya Janta Party supporters…

Acche Din

Glimpses of Acche Din at the End of the Tunnel in 2019

Bharat’s economy is now getting into vicious cycle of delayed and stalled mega projects- NPA-led dip in bank profitability- weaker bank balance sheets- decline in incremental bank credit. Cost escalation…