Abrahamic Aggression


Of Course, Hindus Won’t Be Thrown Into Hell

Some time ago, a news item caught my attention: Dalit Christians had filed a complaint with the United Nations against the Vatican because of caste based discrimination of the Catholic…

Bhuloka Vaikuntha Murti

Idols and Icons: Why Murti Should Be Used Instead

Representational Forms in Religious Worship Most of the religions and spiritual traditions of the world – with the general exception of Protestant Christians, Muslims and Jews – use images, representational…

Brand NaMo Pradhan Mantri Acche Din Union Budget 2017 Narendra Modi નેતૃત્વ

Is Narendra Modi anti-Hindu?

We hear several unhappy supporters of PM Narendra Modi, who had high expectations of a Hindu revival under his Prime Ministership, speaking up that he is ignoring Hindu issues and…