The strange case of Sadhu Saravanan: Hindu Sadhu lives don’t matter

In a bizarre instance of statal violence, a Hindu sadhu in Tamil nadu, brutally beaten up and humiliated by the police, ended his life. Perhaps even more shocking is the widespread public and media apathy in Tamil Nadu and the rest of the country over the incident. As in the lynching of the Palghar sadhus, why are we selectively silent about atrocities against Hindus, especially from the religious and spiritual sects of the faith ?

Banning Facebook and Twitter should not be ruled out

Ban, censor, suppress, disqualify, outlaw are dirty words in a secular democracy, howsoever flawed as Bharat. A time, however, comes when sizeable swathes of the body politic are injected with…

Soft state cannot deal with rioters

Communal riots in a country in which nearly a fourth of its population subscribe to a religion which subordinates the national interest to faith are inevitable. A good question to…

Ram Mandir

The significance of a Rama Mandir in Ayodhya

The history of the Rama Mandir and Babri Masjid dispute has predated the violent 1992 riots and ensuing civil case which had not been resolved till recently. Bitter sentiments still…