Bharat’s Economy


Bank Frauds in Bharat- Issues and Challenges

According to statistics given in the RTI query filed by economist Prasenjit Bose, total value of bank frauds where the amount involved was more than Rs. 1 Lakh in each…


Bharat’s Steel Sector Soaring High

As reported in Economics Times, the rollout of new steel policy saved forex of Rs 5,000 crore since last year while around 24 million tonnes of crude steel capacity was added…


From Asymmetric Federalism to Symmetric Federalism

The Finance Commission of Bharat was established on 22nd November, 1951 under Article 280 of Bharat’s Constitution by the President of Bharat. It was formed to describe the financial relations…

PNB Fraud

Lessons from the PNB Fraud

The recent Punjab National Bank (PNB) episode highlights the need for effective internal controls in the banking system and swift action by the regulators, law enforcing agencies and the government….


Sunrise State Andhra Pradesh- Issues and Challenges

This article attempts to review the status of economic development of the state Andhra Pradesh post bifurcation of the hitherto Andhra Pradesh into Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states, and ascertain…