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NRIs demand return of Bharatiya heritage from UK

In a unique and unprecedented campaign, India Pride Project (IPP), a global network of heritage-enthusiasts have demanded that the UK return back Bharatiya heritage that has been forcibly extracted and…


Unveiling Lutyens – The ‘Loyal’ Descendants

There is a mind-boggling web of interconnection that relates one Lutyens’ journalist-historian-writer-politician-bureaucrat with another journalist-historian-writer-politician-bureaucrat. Almost every high-profile person in the Congress-Communist establishment is related to each other whether it…


Sati, Evangelicals, and Atrocity Literature

This is the review by Mr. Abhinav Agarwal, of the book ‘Sati: Evangelicals, Baptist Missionaries, and the Changing Colonial Discourse‘ by Meenakshi Jain. In many ways this book documents the…