Cultural Genocide

Cheraman Perumal Kerala Hindus

Assault on Kerala Hindus – Part 1

The decline of Hindus in Kerala needs no introduction. From 56% in 2001, the Hindu population has came down to 54% in 2011, a repetition of of declining Hindu population…


Thoughts on Jallikkattu

Jallikkattu has been in the news – and is proving to be a sharp dividing factor between people. We will look into the cultural continuity of Jallikkattu, its purpose, its…

Jallikattu Conspiracy Bharatiya Identity

Jallikattu Conspiracy Revealed – Must Watch Video

Biodiversity Conservation Council of India (BiCCI – recently held a press conference to unravel the entire Jallikattu conspiracy to show how Jallikattu was banned, how this action endangers native bull breeds…