Foreign Funded NGOs

FCRA impact on education

While the menace of missionaries in religious conversion and the impact of FCRA on it, is being discussed widely, the way evangelists use to tap into the 4/14 window, that…


Bharat’s Dire Contemporary Challenges

It seems difficult for observers to abstract from the immediate hurly burly of daily political life and the fascination it evokes to focus on complex long-term processes of historic significance…

Missionary Assault Missionaries

How are Missionaries Dangerous to Bharat?

I come from a hard line Christian family and our family have done a decent job of producing Christian priests & missionaries over the last few generations.

Pope Francis

Open Letter to Pope Francis from Bharat

When recently, on a visit to southern Bharat, I saw so many new churches , I got the idea to write an open letter to Pope Francis. He is getting…