Gau Raksha

Cattle Owners

Cow Theft- a Reality- Reports from Print Media

With politics going around cow theft, one cannot deny that cow theft is a real issue. In a country like Bharat, where cow is worshiped and holds spiritual value among…

Hindu Leader Shot Gau Rakshak Khalistan plotting

Gau Rakshak Shot Dead in Gurugram

Three men in a tempo shot dead a cow protection activist Ashish Punia, a transporter by profession, on the afternoon of 25 Aug in Sector 7, Gurugram. The accused fired…

Cow Protection Cow Slaughter Animal Lives Matter Gau Sewa Gau Rakshaks

Not only Human Lives, Animal Lives Too Matter

Oh Lord, we are at your feet and offer this meat. When sinister ideologies sweep people off their feet They start taking pride in eating meat. And when slaughter of…