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military administration

Military administration and wars under the Ahoms

In this final article in the series, we will look at the military administration, strategies and major wars fought by the Ahoms having previously acquainted ourselves with the cultural and…


Valmiki Ramayana- a personification of righteousness

“Ramo Vigrahavan Dharma“ says Maareech to Ravana while talking about Rama, saying Ram is a personification of Dharma (righteousness). “Maa Nishada Pratistham Tvamagamahsāsvati Samaa Yat Kraunchamithunaadekam Avadhi Kaamamohitam” This is…


The glorious Keladi Kingdom

The post-Vijayanagara period in South Bharat saw the emergence of one important dynasty, namely Keladi (Or Ikkeri) Nayakas. Keladi Nayakas continued the glorious traditions of the Vijayanagara Empire in the…