Yogi Adityanath

Yogi tips the ‘liberals’ over the cliff

The massive victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Uttar Pradesh seems to have deeply upset the ‘liberals’ in Bharat, and also those outside who have relied on these ‘liberals’ as a source of information about Bharat.

Fali Nariman

My take on ‘Lest we crawl’ by Fali Nariman

This is my take on the article ‘Lest we crawl’ in The Indian Express dated 25th March by Fali Nariman. There are some contradictions in the article – on one side…

Kairana Exodus Kairanas

UP has spoken – no more Kairanas

A people, long divided, battered, and preyed upon have finally stirred awake in a desperate bid to regain their dignity and right to life. All they needed was someone who…

Rajdeep Sardesai

Rajdeep Sardesai makes a fool of himself, again

This article is not about Rajdeep Sardesai, per se, but about a whole ecosystem, primarily in Lutyen’s Delhi, that he is a part of.  An essential feature of the members…

Hindu Science Meera Nanda

Meera Nanda’s Freudian Slip Reveals her Hinduphobia

In her polemical article  on ‘Hindutva’s Science Envy’, writer Meera Nanda displays willful ignorance of the Vedic perspective on nature and blind adherence to her colonial conditioning with respect to…