Afghan Hindu Heritage Wake Up Call

A Wake Up Call By a Pakistani Lady Scholar

In a landmark confession of truth, an enlightened Muslim intellectual, Fouzia Saeed, declared during a discussion on a TV channel that all Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims are essentially Hindus, and…

Wasim Rizvi

Wasim Rizvi Makes Sense

Wasim Rizvi, the Chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Shia Waqf Board, has pitched a proposal to return 9 Hindu temples which were destroyed and mosques built on top of their…

Hindus Won't Go to Hell religious discourse Hindu Dharma Maligning Bharat

What Hindu Dharma is ‘Lacking’

There seems to be some “defect” in Hindu Dharma, because worldwide, it is clearly not as respected as Christianity and Islam. Hindus struggle to get a fair representation for Hindu…