Elusive "Peace" in J&K, Back to Square One

In Pursuit of Elusive “Peace” with Pakistan

In its recently held meeting, the State Cabinet welcomed resumption of talks with Pakistan. Was this endorsement necessary and in consonance with State practice, and what was the prompting? Observers…

Islamization of Bharat by Sufis

Islamization of Bharat By the Sufis – Part 3

Muinuddin Chishti, a hallowed name amongst Sufi saints, upon reaching Ajmer said, “If God and His Prophet so will, it will not be long before I raze to the ground these idol-temples.”…

Islamization by Salar Masud Ghazi

Islamization of Bharat By the Sufis – Part 2

Amongst the Sufi saints who wielded the sword, perhaps the name of Shahid Salar Masud Ghazi stands on the top. He was Mahmud Ghaznavi’s sister’s son and had persuaded him to destroy the Somnath temple…

Sufis Ajmer Dargah Rape Saga

Islamization of Bharat By the Sufis – Part 1

Sufism, on one hand supported the Muslim invaders and Sultans in their political activities and reckless killings of the Hindus, and on the other hand influenced the gullible Hindus….