Jallikattu Conspiracy Bharatiya Identity

The politics of Jallikattu

In the absence  of  grounded perspectives on the need to preserve, conserve and nourish traditional sports such as Jallikattu,  the entire narrative risks being used as political photo op, “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!”

Jallikattu Conspiracy Bharatiya Identity

Jallikattu and the threat to Bharatiya identity

The underlying divisions of opinion in Bharat on Jallikattu are more complex than public discussions seem able to acknowledge. They highlight something more profound and importantly not readily apparent. The…

Jallikattu Protest

Jallikattu and The Art of Hijacking a Protest

Today, the whole nation has been surprised by the sudden, unplanned and well executed protest against the ban on Jallikattu by the Supreme Court of Bharat, leaving many national media houses, which…