Liberal Hypocrisy

Raniganj-Asansol Riots

Painful Video of Hindu Victims of Asansol Riots

While most mainstream media outlets from Bharat have blacked out detailed coverage of the fear & terror in Hindus of Bengal following the recent rioting in Asansol and Raniganj, a short…

Cultural Invasion

Facets of Cultural Invasion

You must have seen a big gang of intellectuals and Bollywood people defending the working of Pakistani actors/singers in Bharat. The argument is that border tensions and Art must be…

Intellectual Slap

An Intellectual Slap on the Libtards

There cannot be a better intellectual slap on the face of the libtards than this article titled “No Mr. Shekhar Gupta, you can’t malign us while tacitly supporting hate speech yourself”. It also shows…