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SC woke up on Shaheen Bagh after damage was done

The emphatic judgement delivered on October 7 by a three-judge bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul on the untenability of Shaheen Bagh like protests should…

प्रशांत भूषण मामले से झलकती है लुटियंस गिरोह की भारत की न्यायपालिका पर मजबूत पकड़

हाल ही में, न्यायपालिका पर लुटियंस तंत्र की मजबूत पकड़ और गहरी पैठ एक बार फिर से प्रकाश मे आयी। न्यायपालिका ने लुटियंस गिरोह के नामी वकील प्रशांत भूषण को…

The party in Congress is virtually over

Cynics have always had the last laugh whenever the national media plays up the prospect of things coming to a head at a meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC)….


The subversive politics of Ramachandra Guha

The recent tweets by historian Ramachandra Guha highlight the problematic nexus of Leftist  Secular Liberal historians who attempt to rewrite and whitewash history to deliberately mislead and misinform people, who…