Mauryan Era

जयंती विशेष: चन्द्रगुप्त मौर्य, हिन्दू समृद्धि का अध्याय

“चन्द्रगुप्त जब भी शिकार या किसी अन्य आयोजन में जाते थे तो उनके साथ उनके अमेज़ियन (Amazonian) सैनिक रक्षा के लिए होते थे, और वह एक शाही रथ के आसपास…


Ashoka, The Terrible

This article has been continued from: The Truth About Ashoka Prince Of Pataliputra; The Story Of Ashoka’s Rise To Power Though Bindusara’s ministers had preferred Ashoka to Sushima and helped…


Prince Of Pataliputra – Ashoka’s Rise To Power

Note: It is recommended to read ” The Truth About Ashoka ” before starting this article. Our story begins in the city of Champa (Champaran), where a Brahmin named Pilindavatsa (also called…


The Truth About Ashoka

Recently, an RSS-backed magazine attacked the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka, leading to angry reactions from many quarters. This viewpoint has had support among sections of the Hindu Right wing for a while now….

Architecture of Bharat

Ancient Architecture of Bharat

It is a general misconception among many (including certain Hindus)  that the ancient  Bharatiya architecture, infrastructure etc were poor compared to other contemporary ancient  civilizations of the world. In this…