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Why the sudden spurt of evangelization in Bharat

It seems that there is a determined threat to oust Modi’s government. The Christians seems to lead the threat and especially the Congress. The snooping incident has come handy-Pegasus is…

Congress Toolkit

Congress toolkit reflects low Rahul politics

Sweden’s mentally disturbed 19-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg rang in the silly season of anti-Bharat toolkits four months ago to help make the long running farmer agitation more effective and…

Of nepotism, legacies, and heritage

Opposition to nepotism has been a dominant narrative in the political discourse at least since the general elections of 2014. The prime target of this opposition has been Rahul Gandhi….

Rahul Gandhi

Beware the Raul lurking inside Rahul

There are good reasons to address Rahul Gandhi by his Italian moniker, Raul Vinci. Not that there is the slightest need to highlight his Italian parentage from the distaff side….


Rahul Gandhi demeans UP voters during address in Kerala

Rahul Gandhi is continuing the tradition of divide and rule adopted by the Congress from the British. Recently while speaking in Thiruvananthapuram, Gandhi demeaned UP (Uttar Pradesh) voters who made…